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Found 41 results

  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1574150883.htm $32K 100KMs One of 71 right hand drive models made and 1 of 4 in NZ 4.4l supercharged V8 - 500hp, 700NM, 315kph top speed. A rare and special car!
  2. WTB: E60 Wheels

    WTB; Anyone has or knows where I can get wheels/mags like the ones below for an E60 2005 (preferably Auckland based)
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1475251500 198KMs $18K Higher KMs but beautifully presented. I particularly like the headlight shot! Thoughts @kiwi535?
  4. Hi everyone, please check out our BMW, now up for $1 reserve and closing in a couple of hours. So far price is sitting very low. This vehicle has not been mapped or tuned and has been generously serviced and maintained at 10,000km intervals. Like most on this forum, I did a great deal of homework before purchasing and ensured the vehicle was a good one before buying. That was 3 years ago. Since then, as mentioned, very well looked after. It is NZ New, M5 wheels with good grip from the 285's Pirellis. This sale is an opportunity for someone who will love this car as much as we have and have maintained with consideration of future longevity, rather than just to keep on the road. Dismissed by many as of little value, the air-conditioned seating is something that you will quickly fall in love with over Summer and very very rare. Just under 2 years Autosure Extreme remaining and is completely transferable for $150. Brand new wof and service. I know most out there won't have been maintained as well and at such frequent intervals. Don't miss out https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1464791721 ..at the very least please help push the price up for me Cheers, NJC
  5. Greetings fellow Bimmersporters. I couldn't find the last discussion thread via the search bicycle, apologies for starting a new one. My e60 was acquired sporting a set of German number plates, and very nice they are too. An eagle-eyed member of the constabulary pulled me over in October, and enquired as to why. Car had just received a new WoF, and "officer it was what the car came with; how do I obtain replacements?". Treated with courtesy and respect, the officer kindly waived the $150 fine, and I promised to obtain replacements. With valuable guidance from @eliongator, I've obtained replacement plates. I now need to fit them. It appears the German plates may have been afixed with double-sided tape. QUESTION: Are there standard kits (cap screws, with white and black concealment caps) available for fixing plates to our vehicles - particularly the e60? Where do I get them - from the dealership? Any hints on how to sort this out? I figure this is a straightforward item to address - as long as I have the right kit. Many thanks in advance for your assistance Olaf
  6. Has anyone bought these? Know if they're legal in NZ? Any good? Cheers http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/exterior/auction-1392765918.htm
  7. A somewhat unusual E60 M5 for sale in auckland at Buy Right Cars with asking price $37,980. I thought the "Unusual Edition" was a good badge, it's Indianapolis Red with White Leder interior, and only 40k kms on the clock. Please refrain from commenting that the low mileage is due to the previous owner was to scared to be seen in public in it; the buyer may ultimately join our ranks! http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1320656610.htm Nice to see an alternate hue. At first I thought the images had bad white balance... Then I did a google search on Indianapolis Red and found it is kinda rusty looking red; "a bit ginga" if you like. It's striking, I kinda like it. And here's that Nissan Maxima wood again... ....and, the obligatory rearshot: Sassy!
  8. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1362350183 98kms NZ GPS Band expander????? Really? Hmmm - doh. Hopefully re-coded Aux port Has PassPort Max wired in but costs extra to leave it in .... Airbag sensor error and downshift paddle not working.
  9. Looks like these guys are on a race to the bottom http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1356939622.htm
  10. Chch E60 M5 down to $24K ONO

    http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1358361377 102kms $23900 ONO! Think I might have posted about this one before :| I think if you like the white leather (I do) and can keep it clean then this is a good proposition. Very tidy and well maintained by the looks of things. Has both timber and aluminium trim. "It's had a gearbox/clutch done and brakes/discs at 98000kms. I've serviced / replaced other things such as fuel filter / air filters / idle actuators, carbon fuel canister's, secondary air pump. Also has x4 new tyres."
  11. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1336121199.htm Interesting, really. ex japan, imported 2011 with 80k kms on the clock. it's an ///Msport (P337 M Sport package, S481 Sports Seats, 704 M sports suspension, S710 M Leather wheel, S715 M aero, S775 Anthracite headlining)... but are those 19" X5 rims? Anyway, it's cheap, if the shillers don't spruik and over-boost the price. 175k kms, 2005, currently under $5k.
  12. Hey all you groovy e60 owners! I have an excellent condition Owners Handbook for First Gen e60 525i 530i 545i for sale. Buying one new from the dealer will sting you $128 ouch! Why not buy mine instead. You can put your savings toward some fine car care products from @Barryn A mere snip at $50 including GST and post to anywhere in NZ. I should mention, it's in English too! "You know it makes sense".
  13. ZF 6HP26 Trans Service

    with my 545i nudging its way towards 160k kms, I'm going to have the trans serviced, or at least, the filter and pan, mechatronics sleeve, and fluid replaced. I have the pan and bolts and sleeve, and new fill plug ready to go. I've been looking into fluids. Seems the ZF 6 Speed is sensitive to fluid... The Spec for 6HP26 is: ZF Spec TE-ML 11B Shell M-1375.4 Armed with this knowledge, and wanting to avoid "DexIII" assumption, I've looked at lots of info, written off Redline D6-ATF as it doesn't actually meet the specs, merely states it's a "popular crossover". BMW dealer kindly offered to retail me their Shell fluid at $80/litre. After that Redline prices in NZ looked almost reasonable at $40/litre! Options: There's a Febi oil 34608 which is relatively inexpensive, meets the M-1375.4 and is listed by Febi as being the right thing for 6HP26. Very little additional info, don't even know if it's mineral blend or full synth. A shade under USD10 per litre. BMW's own 83222220445 meets Shell M-1375.4 (USD37/litre) ZF Lifeguard 6 meets ZF Spec TE-ML 11B and Shell M-1375.4, it's price is getting up there (USD25/litre) Pentosin ATF1 is Full Synthetic, meets ZF Spec TE-ML 11B and Shell M-1375.4, and is reasonably priced in USA at about USD15/litre. I'm reading there's no NZ distributor, is this correct? I've also looked at the Penrite site - they have no equivalent, as do Castrol NZ (warning only to use Shell M-1375.4). Total's NZ distributor site listed FLUIDMATIC MV LV, but precious little else, didn't appear to be a stocked item. Fuchs product finder listed ATF4134, though it only appears to have Mercedes certification. Service Refill capacity stated as 9.7 litres. ruled out. Wildcard: Ford Motorcraft Mercon SP. Yep, it's for the Ford ZF 6HP26 (called Ford 6R80)... In the US it's inexpensive, meets the right specs. Dunno if it's full synthetic. Wonder if I should call a Ford Dealer parts department (though one recalls why one does not own a Ford!). Hyundai also runs this trans. Hmm. Proposed service approach: Drain fluid (just draining sounds like it's 4.5 litres). Refill to spec (I understand it's a three-stage thing, with correct trans temps reached, and adaptations reset). Drive for 500kms. Then drain and replace the pan with the new ZF part, sleeve, bolts, refill to spec with fresh fluid. I think 12 litres should be plenty for this adventure. Which Fluid? I think I'll go with Pentosin ATF1 as it meets both ZF's own TE-ML 11B, and Shell's M-1375.4 specs, is fully synthetic, and is reasonably priced. Question 1: Anyone in NZ sell Pentosin ATF1? I don't object to a reasonable margin for freight, tax, and holding stock... if only someone is selling it here. Question 2: Should I talk with a Ford dealer about Motorcraft Mercon S? Question 3: Anything I've missed? I also plan on replacing the diff fluid, and perhaps soon the Engine & Trans mounts, and the Guibo. It's a 14 year old car, needs a bit of upkeep. Your thoughts appreciated.
  14. spotted this tidy monochromatic 530i on TradeMe 121kms leather blaaaaaack $13k8 asking price. Seller says the benefit's 150kg lighter than 550i, and they get 11.4l/100km urban commute. What else do you need? Buy it, join the e60 monochrome set! From the advert: Mechanical: Seems pretty much perfect, drives well, suspension and steering are smooth, tight and noise free. Starts instantly, sounds good, pulls strongly. All electronics work flawlessly. No issues noted by WOF or Mechanics. Only issues we've had was a worn relay replacement, and a transmission sump gasket (replaced by Winger BMW). Also, has recent new battery and tyres Interior: Mostly perfect, interior leather is flawless, no scuffs, nice fresh black! Interior wood, plastic & carpet all look like new. The only flaw is around one of the dash compartments where the rubber coating is a bit scuffed. Exterior: Mostly good. Looks shiny and black, as it should, but has few scratches underneath the one of the sills, not visible unless you're looking under the car. Would be a cheap fix. Few minor scuff marks around the place, but nothing particularly noticeable. Accessories: Comes with a 1600kg Towbar and Roof Racks
  15. Saw this tidy e60 550i on TradeMe, it has almost all the desireable fruit you'd want (specifically Dynamic Drive, Active Steering, HUD, Rear Blind, Adaptive Headlights, bluetooth, cruise control), and is the LCI model, 120k kms. Oh, and looks like the Logic 7 stereo too, and NZ maps. Style 246 18" rims - cool. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1315400256.htm under $15k. Tasty. the only thing it's lacking is a different shade on the monochrome/greyscale range of white to black to join the e60 gang!
  16. Wheels

    Can anyone shed some light on these wheels, they appear very similar to style 166 rims but aren't 19's. Are they an 18 inch reproduction? I'm considering getting some 18's and powder coating them gunmetal grey, was really looking for a set of 135's but these may work also. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/alloy-wheels/auction-1310556400.htm
  17. just in 2005 e60 530i 115k's 17" alloys good engine trans etc black leather idrive jap spec radio etc cd stacker IMG_0877.MOV
  18. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1289010122.htm the vendor's gone mad with the tilt-shift editing... appears honest. 2006, 195kms, ex japan, silver with dakota leather, sunroof asking $6k9, be a $6k car.
  19. Hi all - having just acquired @treone's awesome E60 M5 I'm wondering about the best place to get a bonkers vehicle like this serviced. I've been a loyal customer of Driscoll Motors on Walter Street for longer than I care to remember. They're a good bunch and service all makes and models including plenty of euros (inc this M5 BTW - and some AMGs) - but a specialist they are not. By default I'll keep going there and another bonus is that they are familiar with Autosure/Vero and have made sure my policies are being used when they can/should. They have done a solid job with my E53 X5 and E60 545i - only thing that they couldn't sort was troubleshooting/replacing the iDrive on the E60 and they don't have the BMW detail module for the AutoLogic code scanner (provides some more detailed explanation of the codes). So - interested in your thoughts and recommendations - what (if anything) would I gain by switching and using somebody like Page European etc? Cheers, Pete
  20. Start: 152,294kms. After prevaricating, considering the market and options, TermiPete's 545i became available. The domino effect of upgrading! I'd thought about X5's, missed out on a 535d Motorsport Touring by 2 days, and thought about 550is. So I bought this. It's my SS Commodore. Just in a sharply tailored german suit, rather than a Drizabone. And it has a roundel where the lion would be. And it's cool. Pete has lavished a bit of attention on this vehicle since acquiring it in Oct 2015. Now its my turn. I've already ordered hardware for shock replacement (bump stops, boots, strut bearings, bolts etc)... now deciding which shocks to get. Sachs standard (OEM) Bilstein: Touring (B4), HD (B6), Sport (B8) Koni Yellows After doing the shocks on three of my last four cars, the last two I've stuck with factory IEM spec Sachs (my Volvo 855-T5 and BMW e46 Touring). I'm not planning on changing the springs on this 545i and don't want to radically transform or make it too hard. It has Standrard suspension, it's on 18" conventional tyres (no need for RFT's here as it has a spare), and has Dynamic Drive option (the active computer controlled anti-roll bars) and having driven a near-identical car without DD, I'm sold on it. Koni Yellows I'm sure would be lovely, but they're a little more pricey. Bilstein: tempted to go HD (B6 Yellow), they're said to be made to work with stock springs but are up to 20% stiffer. I think this would be similar to the addition of KYB Excel+ gas shocks to my old A32 Maxima. Firmed it up and helped it hugely with roadholding and ride. Alternately B4 Tourings are said to be 10% stiffer than stock. Sachs: The OEM shocks are equivalent to 31316766993 (Front left) and 31316766994 (Front right), and 33526766995 rear. They'll no doubt "just work". Would I be crazy to go Bilstein HD B6? And as soon as the shocks are done, it's time for new boots (and panties). Photos soon.
  21. Beaut 2005 E60 M5 in Chch

    Love these in blue and looks great with M6 wheels - but I think the white interiors look better with the wood trim rather than the silver/alu. Always seem to be a good spread of performance vehicles on the mainland http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1279490922 $31K 119KMs NZ GPS HUD Has had clutch done and SMG actuator replaced Modified exhaust
  22. Rough Running E60

    My 04 545i is now running real rough. Started with just the odd what sounded like a miss fire when cold a couple a weeks ago and would soon come right and idle smoothly. Now it's constantly running rough, not 100% if it's a misfire, or running on 7 or what. I have tried cleaning the mass airflow sensor as one thing I might be able to do but made no difference. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm in Dunedin, if anyone here would be willing to help, yarn or suggest someone who may be able to help that would be great. I have just bought a K+DCAN cable to have a crack at trying to work out what might be wrong, but need to work out how to use that first too. Cheers Sam
  23. 20"!!!!

    So the old girls got these 20" monters on it, 275/30 and 245/30 (maybe 35) and well it rides pretty harsh and even rubs occasionally under only moderate cornering or bumps on the open road. Nice wheel and tyres to look at but too harsh a ride for around town. Would 18's with 245/40's ride a lot smoother? Hyper Drive have some M6 look a likes well priced at the moment. Anyone interested in these Niches?
  24. E60 530i N52 Raw Fuel Smell

    After a drive I park the car in the garage and close the door, if I go back out to the garage later on I can smell raw fuel. I have not noticed the smell inside the car at all.. the fuel cap could be to blame? it seems too easy to open when its done up and clicks.. but maybe its meant to be easy to open. Any common causes? i thought about that filter that you can access under the rear seat.. it has a metal cap over it, so could prevent the smell entering the cabin perhaps.
  25. Finally got an 04 545i, wish me luck. Haven't even laid eyes on it yet as being delivered tomorrow. Looking forward to spending the long weekend getting used to it. Had an E39 523i two cars back and been hanging out for another Beemer but with some grunt since. Keen to keep an eye on here for tips, advice, parts, drives/runs and anything social.