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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, Thank you for accepting me to this group. Happy to be a part of the BMW family. Looking forward to find some answers to some of my questions about this fantastic car. Bought my first BMW and first car last August. So far so good. However, I've had issues with the aircon gasket cover as it was leaking oil and had to be replaced. Seems like a known issue as per the BMW guy from New Market. Also I find the speakers little weak. Will check the forums for any recommendations, upgrade ootions etc. Also, I have updated my Gracenote to 01/15 in CIC as it is not up to date. Anyone who has updated version, please let me know. I still use CDs. 😁 Will attach some photos
  2. Hi all. Over the last few weeks my E92 320i 2008 has a very rough cold start. Mot starts first time as always but is running very rough until up to temperature. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  3. Recently purchased my first BMW since moving to New Zealand. 2008 320i M-Sport Coupe. Full M-Sport Black Leather interior w/ Aluminium trim Dark metallic Grey painted M-Sport wheels w/ Bridgestone Potenza 225/40R18 in the front & 255/35R18 on the rear. If anyone knows where to go in Wellington to have the I-Drive updated to NZ maps etc please give me a shout.
  4. I just purchased a Band Expander for my 2008 I-Drive System. Can anyone explain how I install it? I'm a total newb when it comes to wiring/electrical etc I assume the 2 plugs will be straightforward, but what do I do with the red wire? Many thanks Gregg
  5. TSW Valencia Wheels + Falken Tyres Fronts are 18x8 ET32 with 225/40/18. Rears are 18x9.5 ET40 with 255/35/18. Tyres are Falken ZE912 with 5mm tread all around. Fitment is perfect on an E46. Fills out the guards nicely. Should also fit E36/E90/E92's also. $950. Pick up Auckland.
  6. Looking for some basic upgrades for my 2008 E92 335i. Are the NZKW intercoolers/oil coolers any good? Cheers
  7. In a moment of weakness we bought a set of these BBS RG-R wheels off a bloke in Osaka. Being on a budget we shipped them down on the slow boat and they arrived a couple of weeks ago. It took too long for us and we have moved the car on for which they were intended SPECS 18x8.5 ET 38 18x10 ET 25 Centre Bore : 72.6 Stud Pattern 5x120 BMW The RG-R rim is renowned for the forged construction and the relative lightness of the wheel less than 10kg as I recall. Plus of course just a handsome wheel. Colour silver with BBS centre caps. We have refurbed them as there were a couple of marks on two rims . So they a minty set of rims in Christchurch. Still in the boxes they arrived in. FOR SALE $2200.FOB and can deliver to MainFreight although they are more courier sized. Queries PM me, thanks for reading.
  8. Hi team, I'm a new member, Based in Putaruru. Just purchased my first BMW and have lots of questions, hopefully the forum has the answers. The car is stock, purchased with brand new turbos as I took it for a test drive it had a turbo rattle. running 307 hp factory and wanting to put all the bolt on mods I can in the future to try hit the 400 hp mark. So hopefully you guys have some inside knowledge.
  9. Seen this near Jville Autostop ... but can't vouch for the quoted 0-300 in 26.3s http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1177762633 "- Gpower SK1 Supercharger (4psi boost ASA T1-518 blower): 500PS(386kW/525NM) - Eisenmann Race exhaust (Germany) - KW height adjustable springs (Germany) - Volk racing TE37 forged rims (JPN) - Varis Carbon fiber bonnet (JPN) - BMW Carbon fiber splitter - BMW Performance steering wheel"
  10. Relatively unusual model and I'm sure it goes great - it just looks a bit bland :\ http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1119895413.htm The Trade In Clearance place seem to often let their stock sit around for a long time rather than tweaking prices and moving it. I looked at their silver X5 SportPac before buying mine and they wouldn't sort the steering column (wouldn't move) and let the sale walk out the door pretty much. "Would you look at sorting that out?" "No." "Seeya"
  11. So we had a wedding to attend over the weekend and it was our first trip in the new E91 325i. Drove like a champ with the exception of hitting roadworks on 20" rims! Jeez it feels like you hit a brick wall. Anyhow, weekend and wedding went well, got 90-95% of the way back home and got yellow overheating message between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay! The message states something along the lines to "take it easy for a bit to cool down", then the red overheating appears stating "STOP!!!!!". Pulled over, with the attempts of cooling down the vehicle and crawling, checking the engine bay there was no steam, overflow, dropping of any water and the expansion tank was full. Had no data on my phone to research while waiting but put the issue down to the water pump while waiting for a tow truck. From 'breakdown' to home it was four hours to go 17.4 KM Car is now at my mechanics awaiting the part through warranty (Protecta), sounds like they are supplying an aftermarket pump due to the known issues with the original/OEM versions. Still going to cost more than my excess, so glad I got warranty. TLDR: Car overheated, OEM water pumps are crap, warranties are worth it!
  12. Fellow BMW Fanatics: Im Kurt, new member of the forum and first time poster! I purchased a 2007 e92 335i before Christmas which made for my first European car. Previously Australian v8 and more recently a 2002 200sx/S15. I wanted something a little more subtle that didn't draw as much attention and settled on the classic lines of the e92 coupe! So far only minor modifications of suspension, wheels, interior bits n bobs have been done since receiving the car stock as a rock. To do list is as follows: DCI (Intake) Jb4/cobb/remap (Unsure what route to go at this stage) Tints Angel eyes Roof Wrap (gloss black) When that's boring: Either Turbo upgrade with supporting downpipes/intercooler etc or Meth kit I look forward to meeting you friendly folk around the roads this year and trust you are all soaking up some summer sun out on NZ favourite "twisties" .
  13. Hi all, I just got a sweet 08 320i coupe. Unfortunately the interior door trims are a bit scuffed up from the seatbelt banging into them. I want to replace them. If anyone has these for sale this would be great. However, more likely, I will have to track these down from businesses. I am generally partial to the idea that overseas parts are more abundant and will usually work out cheaper. Does anyone know a good site where I can order BMW parts internationally and see if that works out cheaper? I have emailed some dealers and parts places but I think most of them are closed till mid-Jan. Cheers!
  14. mr.naude

    E92 Misfire

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my 2006 E92 335i, 150,000kms. Usually when a problem pops up, i fix it myself (with help from google and forums). Now it has developed a misfire. It only misfires on low RPM, between idle and 3000. Sometimes i feel it shake and stutter, other times its runs fine. I get a check engine light, and all scans dictate that the misfire is only in cyl. 5. Obviously there are a few things to troubleshoot. I have swapped coils, misfire still in cyl. 5. The plugs were replaced about 6 months ago, so i'm pretty sure its not them. The 3rd concern was the injector. I have removed it, cleaned the outsides, and stuck it back in. I have had a chat with a BMW mechanic, and he says its very unlikely that it might be the injector. So my question is, how/where/what do i check next? Really want this problem gone. Preferably without spending $1000's. HELP!
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