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Found 3 results

  1. Shout out to promo and recommendation to all for any coding/tuning/re-mapping/key programming etc in Wellington area... Had issues with my daughters newly purchased 2007 E87 120i with key access not working - car would start OK but could not lock/unlock from remote... Had tried Beveridge's and even dealer without much luck. ...dropped the car to promo who found that car was OK, but both keys supplied were wrong type (correct freq but not CAS3 compatible) - he managed to find a new OEM key & programmed it - works fantastic! Was about to give up & install 3rd party alarm just for unlocking convenience - but that would mean two remotes etc. While talking promo also mentioned he could look at my other car - a 2008 E90 335D - which had previously been remapped in Auckland, but has big issue with HUGE soot clouds when exercising right-foot... I mean "James Bond would be proud" smokescreen. Only started being an issue once blocked DPF was changed... Anyway, promo suggested he could load factory tune to confirm issue was not more sinister - which he did and problem solved! Have not really noticed too much power loss as yet, but might be back to promo to get new tune loaded before long... Thanks promo - recommend to all
  2. So iv put my key fob through the wash, i took the key apart and left it in a bag of rice. After letting it dry for a few days i tried to reprogram it using the suggestions on the internet. I put it in the ignition, turned it to the accessory position and then removed it, held down the lock button and pressed the unlocked button 3 times, the red LED flashes 11 times and nothing else happens, its still not working, any suggestion please. E46 2000 320i.
  3. I hadn't driven my E36 for a month and the battery died which resulted in what seems to be a whole system reset. My key fob would no longer activate my central locking or alarm. I've been trying to reprogram it using every procedure I've come across on the net but nothing has worked so far. Here a few things I've tried: Have been leaving the battery disconnected so I open the boot and reconnect. The car's hazard lights will start flashing with no siren (haven't heard the siren ever since the battery died anyway). Then I tried a number of procedures: Open the boot, open the drivers door, get in and close door, put key in and turn to 'on' (dashboard lights up) five times quickly, open drivers door and close again (the alarm light on the centre console flashes differently, I haven't been able to tell how), pull key out (have leaved in as well) and using my three button key I hold the unlock while pressing the lock button three times then let go and see the remote light slowly flash, get out of the car and either close the drivers door or leave it open and go close the boot and then the drivers door if I need to. Test the remotes and never work. The siren doesn't chirp after the five key on-offs. Same thing when I try more simple procedures without the boot open or much door opening and closing. I feel like I'm close with the way the alarm central console light changes its flashes; it varies between a consistent on-off and two or three quick on-ons before one longer off. I think there was only one time I started the procedure and the car didn't have its hazards flashing and the alarm light on. Does anyone know any other procedures or if something might be wrong with the car?
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