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Found 1 result

  1. gjm

    Help needed...

    The E46 fitted with the M47N engine has 3 fuel pumps: In tank Intermediate, under the floor under the left-hand side front seat High pressure, on the engine I've replaced the fuel filter and intermediate fuel pump on the 320d, and now it won't start. I've documented a problem where the car just cut out while driving and thought I had tracked this to water passing a bulkhead grommet and shorting a relay (or similar) - having removed most of the car interior to check the initial suspect, the heater element, and finding it wasn't the problem, then refitting everything, the car ran beautifully. For a while. Then it died, exactly as it did before. Checking showed everything to be dry. I acquired a BMW Scanner 1.4.0 from another forum member (my apologies - I don't now recall who) and this revealed a code: - 4B90/11 - Rail pressure monitoring at engine-start Further investigation reveals this is a code given when the intermediate pump fails. The in-tank and high pressure pumps are diagnosed with specific codes of their own; the intermediate pump doesn't do this. I've replaced the pump and the fuel filter - no point just doing the pump. I even replaced them in the correct order - it looks like this may have been done before as they were the wrong way around. Probably not an issue, but let's do it properly! I've followed all documented procedure to ensure fuel flow through the pump and filter and there is diesel flowing from the front end of the pump/filter installation - next stop is the high pressure pump. Engine turns over, but will not start. Remove the inlet manifold, crack the connections to the injectors, turn the engine over for 10 seconds. Some fuel appears, but not as much as I would expect? Reconnect anyway, try again - no start. There's then a hiatus due to my unemployment while I struggle to acquire a laptop capable of connecting sensibly to the Scanner... Windows 7/10 devices don't much like doing this. OK - got that sorted, installed software. Check codes - there are no DDE-related (Digital Diesel Electronics) codes. No engine-related codes at all. I have INPA software but don't appear to have the correct USB cable/connector arrangement. I was sure I did, but maybe I dreamed it? Loaned it to someone? Just haven't found it (again)? [Note to self - tidy the bloody garage!] I appreciate INPA is far more comprehensive than Scanner 1.4.0. What I would like is for someone who knows what they are doing (I'm good at working things out, but start from a short-of-knowledge position) to come and give me a hand. It's a great car, and it is so frustrating to get this far without success. 😢 Compensation for putting up with me is obviously available. Beersies, food, fuel money... Pretty please? Someone...?
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