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Found 13 results

  1. Snoman123

    WTB: E30 sedan leather seats

    Hello, I’m looking for a full set of leather seats or good condition fabric seats. Based in Auckland but happy to travel. Black would be ideal. Name your price. Cheers,
  2. HardBall66

    E39 Touring Sand Beige Interior

    Hey folks, I'm looking for an E39 Touring sand beige interior. Specifically from the B-pillar back, but would consider buying a whole car if anyone knows of a Touring being wrecked - especially if it still has its factory xenon headlights.
  3. This may have been covered somewhere already, if so please direct me... I have an E46 wagon. It has constant warm air flowing in the windscreen and footwell vents, and also the center vents if rolled over to the red dots. The temp is set at it's lowest and the only way to stop the warm air is to switch the fan off. The aircon works fine for the central vents, but still hot windscreen and feet. There is power to the hot water valve, and a mechanic who replaced the radiator checked the valve and said it seemed to be opening and closing okay. He isn't a BMW specialist and couldn't figure out what was causing the problem. The number 62 fuse is fine. Coming into summer now it would be good to get this sorted. Any advise or experiences would be very appreciated! Cheers, Bryce.
  4. After a late e21 heater dash control panel. Mine badly cracked. Any ideas welcome. Cheers.
  5. Black leather E34 seats, all electronic adjustments work except that the drivers headrest does not move up/down (can hear motor spinning). Front seats have arm rests. Driver and passenger seat belt, and belt tensioner unit included. NOTE: The indent you see on the rear headrest is from something pressing against it, there are no rips or holes. $300. full set. Have listed them somewhere else also. Located in Auckland.
  6. Rohil

    E30 Seats Replace

    Hi Guys, I was at a pick a part and i scored some nifty vinyl and cloth seats out of a Porsche 928! They need a bit of love in the form of restitching but ill get that done later. Theyre surprisingly very similar to the size of an E30 seat, which is great, and they look friggin' awesome too, and being manual operated seats i dont need to worry about wiring. But for now id really appreciate some help on getting them in. I realise that the seat belt is attached to the existing seat in my '85 sedan E30. I was wondering if i could grab the seat belt rail out of a coupe and install them? That'll take care of the seat belt issue. And then i can get some plates fabbed up for the seat rails which shouldnt be too difficult. So on to the back seats. For obvious reasons i didnt get the 928 rear seats. BUT, i was thinking of going E36 leather rear seat, which comes with the middle arm rest (im hoping it lines up with the ski pass in the E30. I plan to knock out the metal and put hinges and a lock on it so i can open and close it from inside the cabin). I have seen the E36 leather rear seats being retrofitted into an E30 on a forum, but for the life of me i cant find it and trust me i have searched. I want to know how this can be achieved, or at least be pointed in the right direction. I know it is possible, but i need help on how. I think the 928 seats once recovered in black will look super mega awesome balls with a e36 black leather rear seat. Ill try get some photos up ASAP. But seriously, any help would be much appreciated! So in advance, thanks guys!
  7. Hi all, I just got a sweet 08 320i coupe. Unfortunately the interior door trims are a bit scuffed up from the seatbelt banging into them. I want to replace them. If anyone has these for sale this would be great. However, more likely, I will have to track these down from businesses. I am generally partial to the idea that overseas parts are more abundant and will usually work out cheaper. Does anyone know a good site where I can order BMW parts internationally and see if that works out cheaper? I have emailed some dealers and parts places but I think most of them are closed till mid-Jan. Cheers!
  8. BreakMyWindow

    FS : E39 Sedan LED interior & Boot kit

    I have an extra set of LED bulbs to replace the old incandescent bulbs in an e39 sedan interior and boot area. $60 pickup in AKL or $65 including postage. A very easy 30min DIY job.
  9. m325i

    'Alcantara' E46 handbrake boot

  10. M62TUB44

    E30 Coupe interior

    Looking for a complete sports black leather interior for an e30 coupe. Cheers
  11. Looking for 2 interior components for my E30: * Under dash panel for the drivers side * An unmolested rear parcel tray/shelf I am also looking for a rear exhaust section (M20, twin pipe).
  12. NVADER

    E38 Dash Colour Change

    Who's taken an E38 interior apart before? Mine is two tone brown/cream. The cream's good, the brown is horrid. Is it possible to swap out just the top half of the dash and door cards? Or are they one piece?
  13. hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the compatibility for interior parts for a 1994 318is coupe? i need some front interior door cards/panels but am not sure if cards from other models such as a 94 318i or 96 318is etc would be the same/similar and fit correctly. Any help would be appreciated, cheers