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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I have a E39 540i with an M62TU that will not crank. Bugger. With INPA I can communicate with the k-line and get info on the keys etc, but not the CAN line to talk to the DME / ECU / engine module - whatever it's called. Also, my Foxwell scanner told me I have no CAN communication. INPA tells me my key is ok but ECU is rejected because of the isn number / password (i.e. the rolling codes), but as I can not talk to the engine module I cannot reset this. (Also - the starter motor is blocked due to it not knowing that the trans is in park or neutral - which I am assuming is the sloe cause of it not cranking, because this info is not getting from the trans module through the DME). I have been using the 20 pin connecter under the bonnet - I downloaded switching software to put my lead into CAN mode - have tried both Mike's and Bimmergeeks INPA download on a windows 10 and 7 machine, tried 2 leads - white and green circuit board, yes have bridged pins 7 and 8, replaced the battery and charged it, checked the fuses (pulled the carpet to check the ones under the seat), checked as many earth straps as I could find ... So, help please. Does anyone have a lead they know works with this vehicle that I can either borrow or buy to eliminate this as being the problem, as I've read they can make a difference. It could be my DME is in fact fried - is there anyone who can bench test these? I'm happy to send the EWS and DME to someone for a check or re-sync and pay for time / skills. The vehicle was apparently running fine (elderly couple so I trust them) until they left the lights on a couple of times in a row and had the vehicle jump started. So either the rolling codes or a fried module would both make sense. Also: On the dash, the PRND lights are all lit up, and the temp gauge pegs to max. Could this be caused by the EWS not releasing the DME? Or not? What does / could it indicate? Any advice on what else to check - I used to work as a mechanic so am happy pulling things off / apart, and can figure out which way up a multi-meter goes, but am pretty lost here and also admit to not being particularly computer savvy. Have learnt a lot about BMW's lately but if anything I have said above makes no sense or shows I don't know what I'm on about please tell me. I live close to Kaitaia - is there anyone familiar with INPA, or any other tools I may need I can bribe to visit me. Basically I look at the car and go 'yeah, I know they don't sell for much and I'm probably wasting my money and time, but man that's a nice looking vehicle and gee it must be nice to drive. Be a shame to throw it away'. Ta. Bruce.
  2. Hi all, I'm changing the rocker cover gaskets on my e38 740i and need to get the rocker covers cleaned properly and powder coated... Has anyone had this done recently? It's an m62tu so apparently is a magnesium alloy that needs the oil baked out of it first. The original paint is completely cracked and peeled off everywhere... It's a mess! Appreciate any recommendations. Cheers, Justin.
  3. What kind of damage would I be looking at for getting the chain guides and VANOS seals replaced on a M62TU (replacing with Besian Systems seals.) Prices in the US seem to run ~$1500USD for parts alone. What's the damage here in NZ? Thanks!
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