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Found 4 results

  1. Hi team. I’m just trying to solve the problem with my E46 320i M54B22 and the engine light came on. I’ve scanned the codes and there’s a bank 1 and 2 fuel bank trim and also all six cylinder misfiring. I’ve had my air intake boots replaced and all the vacuum lines are replaced as well, no leaking from valve cover as I’ve replaced one this week. O2 sensors are quite new as well. The car doesn’t stall or idle rough either. My guess is could be a CCV system failure which I’m going to replace them very shortly but I just want to ask for your opinion of what else causes to all cylinder misfiring? Please and thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hey guys, my mum owns a BMW 318ti, N42 engine. It is misfiring while at idle. Check engine light is on, got it scanned at my work, it is coming up with 3 errors, Motronic ME 9.2 (4). I was wondering if anyone had an idea on common problems with this? I have attached a picture of what was picked up with the scanner. Sadly couldn’t get exact engine fault codes, only this. Any help would be appreciated. I understand now that the N42 is a terrible engine, and this car isn’t good. Wish I had of known that before she bought the car!
  3. Hi guys, Bought BMW 325i 3.0 in December 2016. Absolutely no issues when I drove it from Auckland to Wellington. After few days I noticed these issues in the BMW * annoying noise in the cabin when I drive the BMW * noise goes away when switch to N, in the middle of the driving (that what BMW guys said, they said could be transmission thing, but needs a transmission to hear the noise) * it runs very rough, not quiet, sounds like Diesel * ticking noise from the engine * Steering shakes when idle * Poor acceleration * Vibration through the pedals * Slow shifting of gears * drives uphill, engines misfires sometimes (Engine light came once) It used to drive very smooth, super quiet and powerful. I went to one of the European cars specialist in Wellington, they carried out diagnostic scan and no codes found in system, carried out live data test all OK, they suspect fault with cam followers and rockers rollers. Gave me a hefty quote to fix it, they said all rollers and lifters will need to be replaced, quoted me around $6000 Any suggestions, help would be appreciated. Any one had similar kind of issues with E90 325i?
  4. mr.naude

    E92 Misfire

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my 2006 E92 335i, 150,000kms. Usually when a problem pops up, i fix it myself (with help from google and forums). Now it has developed a misfire. It only misfires on low RPM, between idle and 3000. Sometimes i feel it shake and stutter, other times its runs fine. I get a check engine light, and all scans dictate that the misfire is only in cyl. 5. Obviously there are a few things to troubleshoot. I have swapped coils, misfire still in cyl. 5. The plugs were replaced about 6 months ago, so i'm pretty sure its not them. The 3rd concern was the injector. I have removed it, cleaned the outsides, and stuck it back in. I have had a chat with a BMW mechanic, and he says its very unlikely that it might be the injector. So my question is, how/where/what do i check next? Really want this problem gone. Preferably without spending $1000's. HELP!
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