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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys, i'm looking at adapting an N62 oil pump to an M60. Having trial fitted an N62 pump to the M60 the mounting points can be made to line up the Main caps pretty easily BUT where the N62 has a flat surface on the main cap for the pump to mount to the M60 and M62 caps have a recess for the bolt head. i am considering getting some spacers turned up that will fit inside the recess and will raise the mounting surface for the pump, but was wondering if a set of N62 caps would fit. it appears that the main bearing diameter is the same between the two motors, but not the big end. Does any one out there have a set of N62 main caps around that i could trial fit Or does any one already have an answer if if it would or wouldn't work. any thoughts on either route appreciated. N62 caps M60 caps N62 Pump on M60 block Cheers Glen
  2. Does anyone out there have a set of N62 main bearing caps that i could have a look with a trial fit to buy if the work? Im looking to adapt an N62 oil pump to an M60, the mount points line up with the mains on the M60 but the M60 main caps have recesses for the bolts where the N62 has flat surfaces for the pump to mount to.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm hoping (praying) someone can help. for a short while now my 545I has been showing the "Check engine light" the car then start's to rumble and vibrate quite badly. a message in the I-drive says for me to drive with decreased load and the car just will not run smoothly. on occasion i would pull over, turn the engine off, remove the key, start the engine and all is well. other forums have suggested replacing the CCV valves, which i have and for about 3 months, no issues. Till today. in the space of 30 mins i have had to restart 4 times and yet nothing is working to smooth out the engine. Yesterday i went on the 3 hour drive from Auckland to Matamata and back, no issues and i even clocked up a 200kph run on the straight road into Matamata. She is overdue an oil change (booked in for next week) and other topics around the globe suggest the O2 sensors (x4) on the 545I. Please if anyone can offer assistance or even point me to the direction of a mechanic in Auckland that ACTUALLY knows their stuff when it comes to BMW's. Thank you all in advance - your input is greatly received and appreciated.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ok so as some of you may have guessed i have a E60 545I. currently everyweek i am having to top up my coolant by at least 1tr, there is the apperance of liquid and dried antifreeze coming from the small drain hole to the top left of the water pump. My best guess is the Cooland Transfer Pipe seal has failed and getting worse. I have read the horror stories online about the 3K+ repair bill to have this fixed, i've been on Ebay and looking to get one of the many third party repair kits. My question is has anyone done this repair, maybe purchased a kit and can offer some advise or knows of a local NZ company that has these kits or even has purchased a kit and didn't use it. Any suggestions, advise or even some direction is greatly appreciated.
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