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Found 14 results

  1. carbon fiber bootlid for E46 coupe model BMW only. Not sedan or other. Used but in great condition. Has been used on my E46 for about a year. Great fitment also. Has UV coating. Comes with liner, clips, license plate screws, electric bootlid handle, badges, lock mechanism (latch) Needs reverse lights, key lock barrel and an E46 coupe, preferable 330ci ?? those will complete it perfectly. Paid $1300 on shipping costs alone. Comes with everything in photos. Ask for details I would much prefer pick up since the box is large. But could look into shipping costs if really needed. Pick up Hamilton or Cambridge Price for the forum $1500. Have on trademe at $1800 buy now.
  2. Hey all, I'm after a few parts for my bronzit beige metallic F/L E30 coupe. -F/R door (manual window preferred) -Rear bumper rub strip -15" Basket weave centre caps. Bmw or bbs, don't mind. -51 mm Front struts -LSD -Tan coupe leather interior -recommendations for a painter to colour code bumpers Feel free to message me! Cam.
  3. Hi all, I'm desperately after some 1982 E21 wiper arms.. If anyone has any for sale or knows anyone wrecking an e21, please give me a call on: 021 1000 552 Cheers
  4. Hi guys Stripping 2 cars - going cheap, most bits probably priced between $20-50 '97 E36 318is coupe NZ New with frontal damage. No running gear. Good stuff includes: Rear lights, bootlid, rear bumper (pending sale), doors. Interior roof lining, steering wheel ($100), rear seats, interior boot trim. Probably other good bits there too, just ask what you need. '99 E36 318Ti Interior - front half-leather seats (a bit worn, drivers has a rip and a repair already), rear seats, roof lining, rear trims, parcel shelf, boot carpets etc. Some other parts too, let me know what you need. Located West Auckland.
  5. Currently part way through prepping an M52 to go into my E30. I need bulk misc parts to get everything mint. For example metal impeller waterpump, valve cover gasket, sump gasket, thermostat, metal thermostat housing, spark plugs, oil filter, valve cover rubber mount and random gaskets. Also had tacked on E30 trunk seal, rear emblem and grommets. I was look at "partsgeek.com" & "autohausaz.com" and the shopping cart came to be pretty cheap (~$250USD). But shipping ends up being $200USD, making it not worth while. What would be the rough price if I were to source these items in NZ? Is there a website you guys like to use? Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. 4DoorE30

    E34 525i parts

    Hi guys, ive got a e34 525i(m20) with a blown head gasket or cracked head. It is going to be deregistered and sold for scrap metal next week so if anyone wants any parts from it let me know. It is in Mount Maunganui.
  7. Parting out an E34 530i auto, because it has cracked windscreen and expired rego. - Electronically adjustable seats. - Original BMW 15" basket weaves with roughly 50% tread. - Done 207,000Km - Engine and Transmission running well. - Wide grill and bonnet (facelift) - After market lowering springs (sits lower than my other E34 on 40/20mm vogtlands). - Can see the pictures for other details. Just ask for what ever parts you are interested in. Or if you want a picture of something. In South Auckland area. Some pics:
  8. My beautiful 1990 E30 318i was in an accident (rearended someone) and the front is smashed in. I only had third-party insurance, but the car is too expensive to fix and I need to sell it. I loved this car far more than anyone should love a car, and I just want it to go to a good home where the parts can go to other e30s. I'm hoping to sell it to an E30 enthusiast somewhere near Wellington, where it will be loved and reincarnated (see what I did there?). Unfortunately, I'm a student with nowhere to put it, so can't part the car out myself, but it's worth about $1000 in parts. The motor is an M40 and the transmission is automatic. I put in new front struts less than six months ago, and just replaced the driveshaft giubo a few weeks ago. The car has been well-maintained and other than the front end, is very tidy. I'm hoping to get about $500 for it, but this is negotiable, especially if you're a BMW enthusiast. The car is in a tow yard in Lower Hutt. I've included two "before" photos and one of the smashed-up front. Message me if you'd like more smashed-up photos. Please message me if you can give my car a good home, and/or if you have a lovely E30 for sale. Thank you. Edit: The registration is still live (until about December!). The battery is excellent, was brand-new two years ago. The rear of the car is perfectly intact.
  9. Hi all, I just got a sweet 08 320i coupe. Unfortunately the interior door trims are a bit scuffed up from the seatbelt banging into them. I want to replace them. If anyone has these for sale this would be great. However, more likely, I will have to track these down from businesses. I am generally partial to the idea that overseas parts are more abundant and will usually work out cheaper. Does anyone know a good site where I can order BMW parts internationally and see if that works out cheaper? I have emailed some dealers and parts places but I think most of them are closed till mid-Jan. Cheers!
  10. Hey! Does anyone know or have those plastic clips that go in the passenger dashboard (the orange clips) thats are in the image below - I took mine off to install my headunit but they have dried out and cracked Its for a 318i 98' e46 Sedan
  11. Friend of mine has a 328i that is begging for a third pedal. We need all the parts to make up a full conversion kit. Located in Christchurch and willing to have items shipped.
  12. Hi people, I've had my 525e for over 6 months now and apart from a computer failure in the first 24 hours, it's run well. I had the distributor cap off the other day when I replaced the cam belt, tensioner and pump. It was in a bit of a sorry state so I made a note to look into getting a new one... Checked the other day and just about fell over with the $350 ish price! Not sure what I'm asking here but have any of you fine people found cheaper options than this? The car is starting to miss a little and while economy is admirable on the open road it's pretty diabolical on my 25kms to work each day. (OK, yup, it is a heavy 6cyl car! I know...). I feel like it could run better anyway and the cap is a good place to start. Alternatively, has anyone got a good one they might part with? Tom
  13. hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the compatibility for interior parts for a 1994 318is coupe? i need some front interior door cards/panels but am not sure if cards from other models such as a 94 318i or 96 318is etc would be the same/similar and fit correctly. Any help would be appreciated, cheers
  14. E30 320i jap import parts car, ive got all the parts off it that i need so im just posting up to see weather anyone needs anything off it before it goes up for $1 on tm. It was a full car when i brought it, bits ive taken are, Carpet Guards Center console Seats lights exhaust wiper motor and all electricts that go with it. a few interrior clips and trims
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