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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of selling my project car that I've essentially lost interest in. Funny thing - when doing the 'hard' work, I'm always dreaming of how nice it will be to be doing those finishing touches. Then once the hard stuff is finally done, I get bored and lose interest! That and I am always surfing tardme and so getting distracted by all manner of other cool stuff. Currently that is ranging anywhere from mid 80's Toyota FXGTs to Z3's to fixer-upper van engine Porsches, so I may be interested in swaps for potentially anything! So, the BMW - it's an unfinished project - don't expect to drive it away or you will be sorely disappointed. Bring a trailer. BODY - Ex UK car (will confirm miles - nothing high) - driver only airbag model - non-aircon model (removed pump, etc from swap engine) - 328i front swaybar - 328i front brakes - new clutch master and slave cylinder (Bilstein/Febi metal ones) - clutch kit is good used 318ti non-dual mass - original getrag gearbox (factory manual car) - good condition mtech front seats (m rain) - new gearknob and gaitor (China) - lowered on 17" wheels with a bit of kerbing (not me) - good condition (but cheap) tyres (new Daytons on front) - car handles really well, i find it much more responsive than e36 coupe or sedan Engine - M52B28 stock engine from 328i (will confirm kms - nothing high) - starts and runs - ECU re-flashed with EWS delete (still requires chip in key) and manual tune - 328i gauge cluster - 328i radiator and new slim electric fan (needs wire and clutch fan) - new flexi bellows to inlet manifold and U hose with USA parts - new metal thermostat housing and new thermostat - short throw shifter - old 4 cyl brakets removed (coil pack, etc. - looks ugly when people don't do this) - 328i exhaust supplied but not fitted Bad bits - - sunroof leaks - roof liner has been removed - sunroof switch secured with cable ties - grills missing and wiper panel broke too - shallow dents in body and some scratches and scuffs (previous owner worked for NZTA on roads) - clutch needs bleeding (being a PITA, still attempting to solve) - battery in boot needs secure - I wasn't comfortable with level of rust eating into vents in one of the front disc rotors (budget to replace - $140) - front shocks need replace - airbag light not going out fail for last warrant (haven't looked into) - needs cert for road use So in summary, i reckon for a grand you could realistically be up and running. The cheapest 328ti currently forsale is $6,500 so you could come in 1k under that. Or you could race prep, use for parts, whatever. I will edit ad as I am sure I have missed some good stuff and add more photos at the weekend. Car is located on the Kapiti Coast and comes with all of my E36 spares if wanted. Asking $4.5k Message me through the forum please.
  2. Unfortunately it looks like I'm unable to complete my project due to a job move overseas next year. As it sits I'm taking interest on the rolling body first. Buyer will then have first dibs on all parts from there on. Everything else will be parted out. The car is tidy overall and has had the majority of rust work cut out. Spare panels are provided to repair - as pictured in my build thread. Rolling body includes: Reg on hold Power front windows Pop out rear windows No Sunroof (slick top) Complete body as pictured 14" basketweaves Lowered springs all round All interior except carpet and front seats Spare boot lining pieces Was a full running / driving car before pulling the engine out Even had A/C (parts included) Doesn't include: Engine, box Steering rack Front Seats Front carpet Not in a huge rush to sell and will continue to be worked on Car does have M54B30 engine and gearbox in it at the moment which will be removed before sale.
  3. Hey Guys, i'm looking at adapting an N62 oil pump to an M60. Having trial fitted an N62 pump to the M60 the mounting points can be made to line up the Main caps pretty easily BUT where the N62 has a flat surface on the main cap for the pump to mount to the M60 and M62 caps have a recess for the bolt head. i am considering getting some spacers turned up that will fit inside the recess and will raise the mounting surface for the pump, but was wondering if a set of N62 caps would fit. it appears that the main bearing diameter is the same between the two motors, but not the big end. Does any one out there have a set of N62 main caps around that i could trial fit Or does any one already have an answer if if it would or wouldn't work. any thoughts on either route appreciated. N62 caps M60 caps N62 Pump on M60 block Cheers Glen
  4. So ahh picked up one of Alfa Romeo's finest. The V6 2.5L wide body version with in need of a few repairs. (Cue Alfa jokes) Been working on the red italian polishing and reconstructing the pieces that was taken apart. In need of a new cambelt and some minor repairs here and there. Other wise 'should' be okay to drive. Running some Momocorse wheels, seem to suit the car particula Few pics of the new car below...
  5. Does anyone have a two-door E30 for sale for 3 grand or under? Looking for a manual. Doesn't matter if it has issues as long as they aren't major. If yours has problems tell me what they are. Thanks
  6. Saw this in the Malaysian Classifieds, and was claimed that only 6 existed ex UK, being a 1995 car. I was wondering if this would make for an interesting project. The kit seems to be an AMG 3rd gen? doubt if the photos even represent the original E36 though.
  7. Does anyone out there have a set of N62 main bearing caps that i could have a look with a trial fit to buy if the work? Im looking to adapt an N62 oil pump to an M60, the mount points line up with the mains on the M60 but the M60 main caps have recesses for the bolts where the N62 has flat surfaces for the pump to mount to.
  8. Forgotten glory and long list of problems. Sad to see in this condition. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1076751657 Would be a good project for someone with plenty of time (not me).
  9. Hey Guys As i sit here trying to sum up the motivation to go and do some work work on this i though it was about time to start a thread on the 328i. A bit of background on the car, when i was 20 i sold my 318IS manual as i started to want something with a bit more oomph, i still liked the E36 and couldn't quite afford an E39 540. so I decided that a 328I would be the ideal car for me. i was keen on a manual but couldn't find a tidy one within my budget after a few months of looking. i did find a nz new 4 door auto with decent spec, full leather ect for a decent price and in really good nick so i picked it up. Since then i have done quite a bit of the usual maintenance improving on it where i could. The suspension has just about been completely rebuilt with solid rubber bushings, the standard springs, sway bars and shocks have been replaced with factory M-Sport springs and sway bars and Koni Adjusatble shocks. The brakes now sport Brembo blank rotors and EBC red pads. Crank and Cam position sensors have been replaced with genuine new ones. The plugs have just been replaced with the OEM Bosch ones. On the inside i have re-coloured the parcel tray back to black from the purple they all trend to, swapped out the interior lights for LEDs and found an M3 Evo steering wheel for it. The hood linging is falling off more and more by the day now, so will soon be pulled out and re-covered although i am un-decided on something close to the current grey, or to go dark like the M-sport cars. i would love a set of vaders for the front seats too but have not yet found any one willing to part with a set! Now the big one! MANUAL! This weekends mission is the manual conversion. i have been sitting on a ZF box for almost a year and have finaly decided its time to do the swap. at this moment the car is up on axel stands with the interior pulled out and the exhaust and drive shaft spread over the garage! with any luck ill be driving it to work as a manual on monday! but realistically i think ill be done mid next week. once the manual conversion is all done and dusted i have a custom 4 plate LSD center to fit to the current diff. i will likely replace all the diff bearings while i'm at it. ill get some photos of the car once its back on the road, and if there is any thing you want to see while its in pieces ill do my best to get a photo for you!
  10. Ok! i had a thread up a while ago in the general forum about re-shelling vs restoring an M3, and well the consensus was restore so here it is; introducing brutus, my 1994 NZ new e36 m3 coupe. he is a dark individual, black on black to be exact. a few photos will follow but first the story of brutus.... i picked up the above car in pretty average condition thinking i was getting the deal of the century, all things considered now its probably going to cost me just as much as buying an m3 i good nick to start with by the time i get this one to the level of tidiness i intend. there were a few things i didn't see when looking at it first time round, lust must have taken over! but hey at 23 i was the owner of an M3! bucket list item achieved! 1st order of business - out with the black oil, in with 6l for 300km for a flush, then the full castrol edge - TWS 10-60 treatment, 3000 ks later its still amber! i also treated decidedly scungy intake filter to a K&N panel filter in the stock box and 6 new OEM spark plugs. when i first got it the head lining resembles a curtain more than the roof of a car, so first duty was to whip the head lining out. boom done, fabric and rotting foam striped off. i wanted the A and c pillars to match so out they came and got the same treatment. there was a wee pause in progress here in terms of the roof lining and the next problem reared its head. Enter the sunroof, well exit the sunroof... there was a knocking noise coming from the sunroof when the car un-weighted, and it was not tilting properly, the shuttle was not behaving 100% either but the roof portion was O.K. . until it too stuck in the open position on a drizzly day. great... out came the sunroof casset. picked up on a few broken clips in here so ordered a few from the us of a. jimmied the roof into the close position and re-installed it waiting for the bits to arrive. goodies in the mail! back in biz! or not... turns out one more clip was broken having removed the roof again causing the shuttle not to function. i have tilt now though! another order for the last clip and a tarp over the car. a few more goodies made it over with this order, a new rattle clip for the front right brake caliper that had been driving me nuts and a set of brass caliper bushings to replace the shot flexi and cracked stock ones. time to have the roof lining re-done, well thought having a matching parcel shelf would look better than the faded one in there, so out it came. there was absolutely nothing wrong with the adhesive on the parcel shelf! i must have removed about 3 layers of knuckle skin stripping the fabric off this one! Onehunga marine and auto upholstery did re-cover of these bits in an Audi RS4 esq material. black textured, and once re-installed looks really good. the finish of the job around the edges was not perfect which i was not too happy about originally, but is 100% now the head lining has been installed. next embarasing issue. the drivers door had been increasingly hard to open, until it would no longer open from the outside. slighly less than dignified effort to get into the car in westfeild carpark ended up with a passenger side entry... que replacing the drivers door handle mechanism. brand new rubbers and surrounds for both doors handles here! now the bit that had been really aggravating me. body work.... new guards, drivers door, nose cone, belly pan/under tray, wheel arch liners and radiator shrouding later the front was looking a little more like and m3 and a little less like a prats yard special! although i could not sort the light alignment out for a free beer... disassembly found 1 of the lenses not installed correctly, reassemble and we have aligned lights! PHEW. - i am still after an m3 oil cooler duct though... a few cosmetic bits here and there, LED parking lights, LED interior light conversion, ZHP shift knob and (pick-a-part score of the month) some blau-punked 6*9 including adaptors for the parcel shelf and an M-spec 3 steering wheel (this one currently residing in my 328I though) pretty much brings it up to date! And because every one loves pictures;
  11. I've started a project on a BMW e21, and hoping someone has some tips! I'm wondering where the best places to source parts from are in NZ, I've previously worked on e30s, but parts are much harder to come by for the e21. I currently need to get my hands on some bilstein sport shocks, and a replacement interior console.. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Hey Guys So I'm new here and just wanted to start a thread for my BMW e46 i recently brought a month back, This is my third bimmer i have owned and I just Absolutely love it! compared to my E30 sedan and my old E36 coupe, This is a 318i tiptronic.. yes i know its only a 318i and automatic but im only 17 years old and have a automatic restricted license and cant effort the gas for a bigger engine at the moment haha bigger engine and manual conversion is on the list of to-do's! -Background on the car- I brought the car about a month ago from Rockstarcar dealership on the northShore. GREAT dealership! the car has a 3 year full mechanical warranty. Has had one previous owner and has only done 140ks I haven't got set plans at the moment of what i'm going to do just living life to every paycheck. What i do know what i will do is, New rims unsure what type,Angel eyes,lower/adjustys , carbon fibre badges Without further here are the pics i got when i first got it
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