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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys just joined up Just got my restricted licenses and been rearing to finish my project thats been going for a month and a bit now. I'm down on the Kapiti Coast and keen as to get out and meet some more guys driving cars of culture once she's all done. Anyone give me a shout and will be keen to organise something for the weekends comin up in a month (if the car is done). Here's a few picks of the seasoned veteran and some snipets of the process from start to now. Looking forward to some meet n greets or cars n coffee on the weekends. Any advice on the build is much appreciated and where to get the best value for money parts and spares from Cheers guys
  2. Ok! i had a thread up a while ago in the general forum about re-shelling vs restoring an M3, and well the consensus was restore so here it is; introducing brutus, my 1994 NZ new e36 m3 coupe. he is a dark individual, black on black to be exact. a few photos will follow but first the story of brutus.... i picked up the above car in pretty average condition thinking i was getting the deal of the century, all things considered now its probably going to cost me just as much as buying an m3 i good nick to start with by the time i get this one to the level of tidiness i intend. there were a few things i didn't see when looking at it first time round, lust must have taken over! but hey at 23 i was the owner of an M3! bucket list item achieved! 1st order of business - out with the black oil, in with 6l for 300km for a flush, then the full castrol edge - TWS 10-60 treatment, 3000 ks later its still amber! i also treated decidedly scungy intake filter to a K&N panel filter in the stock box and 6 new OEM spark plugs. when i first got it the head lining resembles a curtain more than the roof of a car, so first duty was to whip the head lining out. boom done, fabric and rotting foam striped off. i wanted the A and c pillars to match so out they came and got the same treatment. there was a wee pause in progress here in terms of the roof lining and the next problem reared its head. Enter the sunroof, well exit the sunroof... there was a knocking noise coming from the sunroof when the car un-weighted, and it was not tilting properly, the shuttle was not behaving 100% either but the roof portion was O.K. . until it too stuck in the open position on a drizzly day. great... out came the sunroof casset. picked up on a few broken clips in here so ordered a few from the us of a. jimmied the roof into the close position and re-installed it waiting for the bits to arrive. goodies in the mail! back in biz! or not... turns out one more clip was broken having removed the roof again causing the shuttle not to function. i have tilt now though! another order for the last clip and a tarp over the car. a few more goodies made it over with this order, a new rattle clip for the front right brake caliper that had been driving me nuts and a set of brass caliper bushings to replace the shot flexi and cracked stock ones. time to have the roof lining re-done, well thought having a matching parcel shelf would look better than the faded one in there, so out it came. there was absolutely nothing wrong with the adhesive on the parcel shelf! i must have removed about 3 layers of knuckle skin stripping the fabric off this one! Onehunga marine and auto upholstery did re-cover of these bits in an Audi RS4 esq material. black textured, and once re-installed looks really good. the finish of the job around the edges was not perfect which i was not too happy about originally, but is 100% now the head lining has been installed. next embarasing issue. the drivers door had been increasingly hard to open, until it would no longer open from the outside. slighly less than dignified effort to get into the car in westfeild carpark ended up with a passenger side entry... que replacing the drivers door handle mechanism. brand new rubbers and surrounds for both doors handles here! now the bit that had been really aggravating me. body work.... new guards, drivers door, nose cone, belly pan/under tray, wheel arch liners and radiator shrouding later the front was looking a little more like and m3 and a little less like a prats yard special! although i could not sort the light alignment out for a free beer... disassembly found 1 of the lenses not installed correctly, reassemble and we have aligned lights! PHEW. - i am still after an m3 oil cooler duct though... a few cosmetic bits here and there, LED parking lights, LED interior light conversion, ZHP shift knob and (pick-a-part score of the month) some blau-punked 6*9 including adaptors for the parcel shelf and an M-spec 3 steering wheel (this one currently residing in my 328I though) pretty much brings it up to date! And because every one loves pictures;
  3. I've started a project on a BMW e21, and hoping someone has some tips! I'm wondering where the best places to source parts from are in NZ, I've previously worked on e30s, but parts are much harder to come by for the e21. I currently need to get my hands on some bilstein sport shocks, and a replacement interior console.. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. I just brought my E30 320i from turners auctions for rather cheap but I can see why! There is bad rips on the drivers seat and rear seat doesn't look to flash either. I think I will replace all the seats and door trims to match, Im thinking black leather? There is also multiple small dings and rust patches around the car but nothing a little panel and paint work wont fix! After getting the car in nice condition I will probably look at lowering it a little and getting some nice wheels(currently on bottle caps). Also gonna look at some anti sway bars etc. I will upload some pics of it this weekend but here are the turners auctions one. Already looks much better then these pics after a thorough clean inside and out. As well as getting rid of those awful seat covers!
  5. I've got 1L (more than enough for 2 front seats, rear and door cards) of black PelleCare leather restorer. This is not a cleaning/condition kit, it's complete restoration. You strip the old leather colour coat first with the included solvent (or meths works better IMO), clean up the mess, let it dry fully and sand with fine grade paper. You can fill any really bad cracks with leather glue then apply (by hand) the PelleCare product with a sponge or cloth. It has a latex filler in the paint that fills most cracks and marks in the leather. Not suitable for changing from the original colour but will bring your seats back to great condition. There's a video of how to apply on my project thread here. I ordered an extra pack as I'd used the first one on my 528i but managed to do the 540i as well without opening the second batch so it's surplus to requirements. The kit retails for $150, yours for $95+shipping. BOOM.
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