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Found 2 results

  1. Quite frequently threads pop up asking for recommendations for performance tyres for the street and many of those threads are populated by some pretty experienced. observant and well reasoned opinions. Of course many of the comments are subjective but there are also a lot of objective gems. The problem is these get lost in the archives and people need to repeat themselves. UPDATE 29/10/14: Take this entire thread with a grain of salt until you get to this post here for enlightenment. That's not so say that anything in particular below is invalid, rather that you should accept it with caution and independent verification. UPDATE 28/09/14: We've had a good discussion on Asymmetric and Directional tyres on the first page, the Glossary and Info section below includes some good background information. Glossary & Info It would be great if we could avoid discussions of personal brand preferences. If this thread becomes epic I can turn this first post into an index.
  2. I need new brakes, all of them. My front and rear rotors are worn, my brake lines are 150k kms old and my rear pads are shot... There have been a couple of brake discussions here recently that have had me fascinated and I need to decide where to go. Some of my price research so far indicates: OEM Rotors/Calipers/Pads/Lines - 4 corners (F315mm) NZ Dealer - $2800 ("floating" front rotors, 6 lines) NZ OEM Discount - $2000 (as above but may not have BMW branding) US OEM Discount - $1700 (as above, approx NZ$ inc shipping and duty) NZ non-floating - $1400 (one piece front rotors) BBK Rotors/Calipers/Pads/Lines - 4 corners (F325mm) UUC/Wilwood BBK - $3000 (6-pot (sl6) + 4-pot (sl4), one piece rotors, landed) UUC/Wilwood BBK - $2500 (4-pot + 4-pot, one piece rotors, landed) UUC/Wilwood BBK - $3500 (6-pot + 4-pot, two piece front rotors, landed) Essex - $5000+ landed Brembo - $4200+ landed AP Racing - $6000+ landed StopTech = $? Racing Brakes = $? Others = $? Now, I really have a street car that sees the occasional corporate track day and the less frequent club track day. I realise the stock brakes on the 3.2 e36 M3 are great but when you weigh up the above prices it seems silly not to consider a BBK. And to be honest I'd put a certain (unknown) value on the bling factor of a BBK. Does anybody have anything bad to say about the Wilwood SL6/SL4? If I went with this combo I'd probably elect to trade pistons for rotors (i.e 6 piston 1 piece instead of 4 piston 2 piece), given my limited track days I think a two piece (floating) rotor might be overkill with a BBK? The UUC package has the advantage of using any e46 M3 compatible rotor which is appealing.
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