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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Guys, I just bought my first wagon (2008 Msport 320i) and wanting to make a couple changes. 1. Wheels: I have purchased a new set of 19 x 8.5 inch m3 wheels with a set of 225/35/R19 tires (rims centre bore hole is 72.6mm) only to find out wagons generally run a staggered fitment so my rims at the rear may sit too far in the guards and therefore cause issues or just straight up look bad. I love the wheels so thinking I can buy a pair of these exact 25mm adapters to address the issue. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/other/listing/2504454179 Will these adapters fit properly without vibrating and be able to be certified? Will I need locator rings? 2. Suspension: I am wanting to lower it as much as possible but without rubbing etc (I don’t mind rolling guards)so will adjusties work in this case if the above is completed? If I did adjusties and got certed does anyone know how low I can go legally if I get it certed due to camber angle restrictions etc? Or is it better to go with an alternative like super lows? Sorry for large post guys but just want to get some help on this before I spend waste time / money on mods that can’t be done/certed! Thanks for your time!
  2. Hi folks, I own a 1992 525i (E34) Touring for 27 years. Recently it has been leaking a lot of oil from the rear self-leveling suspension. Can anyone recommend a good, honest, good priced place to get it fixed cause I am on a tight budget and can't go to a dealer! I also have a rear trunk door lock that no longer works would love to get that fixed too. I am based on the North Shore in Auckland. Thanks heaps and look forward to your advice and replies
  3. Hi all, looking to buy a B12 Pro Kit for a 95 m3 3.0. Prices are a real mixed bag out there and can’t seem to land for less than $1500, and that’s defore duty if they get stopped. Anyone had any success sourcing these for cheaper, or can recommend a better combo? cheers
  4. Hi, As per title, since installing (used) Bilstein shocks in my E93, the right hand side of the car has sat lower, feels as though it is bottoming out over certain (but not all) bumps, and around corners even at slow speed. Before I continue to throw money at it, does anyone with more experience know which part failures are most likely to exert these symptoms? Top mount failure, spring or the strut itself? I've already replaced the end-links with adjustable variants, and had the caster bushes replaced, but neither have helped. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. I've just had my oem msport springs put back in my e46, replacing my h&r springs and the passenger side is sitting higher than driver side. Shop reckons it's ok from an install pov that its level and well aligned. The car drives really nice(prefer the feel of oem spring) but looks odd. Any other e46 owners, mechanics etc out there seen this before? Car hasn't had this issue before when springs where in there previously and has koni yellow shocks so is not likely a bung shock issue. Cheers Ben
  6. Factory E46 M3 suspension- As per the photo. Worked fine , no leaks when removed from car for coilover install. Came out of car around the 115-120 k mark. Central Auckland, pick ups only. $200 ono
  7. Dear all My 2002 e46 325i Touring has been with me for more than 4 years now. During this time - focussing on suspension department - it has had the following: 112000kms Bog stock, non M-sport, 16 inch rims on 205/55/16. got rid of the crappy JDM tyres and went to Toyo Proxes4. 1. 125,000kms - replaced front LCR bushes, LCRs, Endlinks with Meyle HD. 2. 150,000kms replaced front and rear shocks with OEM Sachs standard, strut bearings, bushes (ARB and others), tie rods. Better. 3. Found it a bit pogo-like (trying to stay with the e38 mafia on a twisty road), did lots of research, ended up with a staggered set of Style 194's (refurbished) with 225/45/17 and 245/40/17s. Improved, but a little tilty. 4. Added MSport ARBs front and rear (24mm and 20mm). Replaced ARB bushes again. And had the rear trailing arm busges replaced with Meyle HD and some poly edge bushes to stop articulation. Ahhhh, much better. Still rides comfortably, holds line better, grip vastly improved. BUT A small clunk coming from the rear. Long story short: inspection by Page European yesterday, found broken LH rear spring. SO: Options. 1. Find the right touring spring, and replace OEM. 2. Get a set of Motorsport Touring Springs. Upside is better match to my wheels and ARBs, slightly lower, should be a little stiffer without getting crashy. Downside is that it'll cost more, and more importantly - the valving of my OEM shocks won't ideally match the MSport springs. Still prolly better than worn-out springs. 3. Get some Eibachs. Hmmm. A little low for Family touring duties I think. 4. Get some H&Rs - no, I've read they're just too hard for daily commute (80kms or thereabouts per day at the mo). 5. Coilovers? No, not interested - it's not a racecar, doesn't have to be "super low". 7. Get Konis, Bilsteins, or replace your current shocks with MSport shocks? No thanks, I don't want to take out those rear shocks again, there's a huge amoiunt of interior Lego to deal with, and hate spending twice. What do you think? Glenn - appreciate your thoughts Brent - what do you have in stock for my e46 325i Touring 325i? John - what do you think? do you still have those Eibachs? Ron - what do you think? Thanks in advance guys. It would be awesome if I could get this sorted before next weekend... Olaf.
  8. After some B8 Bilstein front shocks or similar for my E36 328i, already sourced springs and rear shocks.
  9. Looking to purchase a set of rear sport air bags for the e53. Have an intermittent leak which leaves the left rear on its bump stop when left for long periods (overnight/week). I've been told that the Arnott Industries product is excellent but they will not ship from the US to NZ despite their website allowing it. Hoping there's a local option before I order through their Australian stockist for considerably more than their US price.
  10. Hi guys, I have a set of brand new EIBACH Pro Kit lowering springs , still in box $360 pick up from Birkenhead or Rosedale Fits Sedans and station wagon. Not for Ti models. model number E2067-140 Or buyer pays shipping. Will post more pictures later. Cheers, Nick
  11. Hi guys, I have a full set of Bilstein B8 sport dampers for E48 sedan and coupe, would work great with m-sport springs or lowered springs, not recommended on standard springs (non m-sport) Fronts has built-in bump stoppers and you will need to re-use your rear bump stopers. part numbers: 1x 35-115069 1x 35-115076 and 2 x 24-026987 (rear) $1650 pick up from Birkenhead or buyer pays shipping, will sell until mid Aug. borrowed pics from internet since they are brand new anyway. Cheers, Nick FRONT: REAR:
  12. Hey im pretty new to the whole adjustable suspension scene. I am looking at buying some bc gold adjustable suspension for my 328i e36, iv read a heap of forums about them but cant find anything about using them in a daily driven car. I know they will be a whole lot more stiff and will handle a lot better, but im just wanting to know if anyone knows how they are in a daily driver with the right setup, so if anyone can help it would be awesome.
  13. My E38 has a couple of odd symptoms, might be related: A a hard, shuddering bounce sometimes, usually from rear left, but can be hard to tell. Drive round a corner, on a bumpy road surface and it happens every time. Car is lop-sided. Front-right is lower than front-left. Am thinking maybe gas accumulators? Any tips or experience in this areas appreciated!
  14. Hi again, I'm getting a balance and alignment done on my 525e E28 before the long drives of summer... Any set-up advice from folk out there before I take it in? It's a standard, unmodified car. Also I'm in Dunedin, any local folk have a favoured tire shop for alignment services? I've already replaced all the control-arm bushes to shut down the infamous 'shimmy' the E28s suffer from. There's still a slight hint of it at 115km/h but it feels more like a wheel balance thing. Cheers all. t
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