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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I know this has been discussed before awhile back but i have hit a road block with my turbo manifold and wanted peoples opinion before i go and start spending $$$ So i managed to semi build myself an turbo manifold with individual runners but have run into issues on the collector end as i don't really have space for the wastegate unless i mount it on top of collector (which with my welder blowing a gas bottle, i need a new regulator + gas so that's about 350-400 i can put on that or someone else finishing my exhuast off) So check out pics attached and let me know your thoughts (Note i have a twin scroll turbo) 1. Go back to log style manifold (more space but likely wont support my power numbers i want) 2. Keep as is with bottom mount and have someone finish off the manifold 3. Keep same style but change to top mount (only issue is getting 2.5" outlet into two pipes, which i confirmed will just fit between last runner & firewall and 6/5) 4. Buy this and just get a 50mm flange installed - http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-M30-T4-Turbo-Manifold-E30-E32-E34-E28-E24-E23-E9-/131806544376 5. Or go with this guys idea (pictures at top and bottom of page) and make down pipes fit - http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=285809 I am personally leaning towards options 3/4/5 but i do like option 5 as i could probably do with materials i currently have and just tac together and get someone to finish off but noticed there is no wastegate (so don't know if space is there) So let me know what you think and if need be we will do a poll and go for it + anyone know any good fabricators in manwatu/welly region as i would prefer local rather than sending the car somewhere else in the country. Note: Topcat , BMWorld and other members have been awesome so far with info and i will be representing bimmersport once this is up and running (dreams)
  2. Finally finished my turbo project, tuned up the weekend just been. All certed and road legal, this things a street beast that scares me to say the least haha. M20B25 stock block rebuilt and balanced Mild Turbo cam regrind HD rockers Garrett GT3582R Tial MVR 44mm and 50mm BOV Megasquirt 2 running wasted spark 282kw/378hp 531nm torque Tuned by Lin @ CDM Tauranga
  3. got this car in parting out low ks n55 dct front seats gone most other parts there be quick 021433600 brent@bmworld.co.nz IMG_2271.MOV
  4. Bought my first BMW in early 2015, it was a fairly standard 320i that was converted to manual and was put on HR springs and KYB shocks with a set of replica volk wheels Used this car as my daily for about a year and did a few things to it, had plans for it but at the time i was driving it every day and it served its purpose well Put some TD144s on it had a problem with the tyres on them changed them down a sidewall thickness and put a bit of stretch and they worked well also put on a Grip Royal steering wheel on to replace the factory wheel it had and that was about the extent of the "mods" i had done to the car until the front cross member gave out on me and broke the small tab that bolts the sway bar bracket on. So at that point i decided to it was time for a M20B25 upgrade "might as well change the engine while i'm fixing this front cross member" I said and from there things spiralled out of control and what started as a 2.5 swap has now turned into a M20B25 stroker turbo build so the motor was pulled stripped everything out of the engine bay and shaved off unnecessary brackets for a nice clean look paint and rust work (leaking brake master i believe) were done at Riverlea Panel and Paint Braided clutch, fuel and brake lines being installed (some shown) Brand new Fenix radiator E36 steering rack and custom shaft wanted to go Z3 but best option at the time was e36 so went with that During all of that i picked up a used M20B25 from Auckland came from a 89 vert with 180000 ks on it but engine ran fine so guess it made sense to rebuild it lol In went a 2.7 Stroker kit 2.7 crank 135mm rods M50???? pistons can't remember what they came from now engine was sent to Cambridge Engine Services for cleaning and checking all was good so in it all went using OEM bearings, rings and gaskets down the bottom Crank scraper and sump baffle were fitted (pain in the ass with two gaskets and very tight baffle to install) Head was ported and polished by Jim at same shop new valve guides and stainless steal valves installed Head was planed just a smidge Bolted together with an Elring HG (2mm) and cap screws head fitted with brand new valve springs and retainers, a reground 272 cam, HD rockers and oversized eccentrics brand new water pump fitted Just currently needing a timing belt and tensioner which i'll pick up this week couldn't resist test fitting the manifolds and turbo when it was all torqued down lol won't be running it with the turbo straight away as it will be easier to run the motor in on the factory ECU that way i'll have the cam run in and the rings will seal really well before boost is added which will be courtesy of a Sinco manifold, front facing plenum and Master Power MPR-494 in the meantime tho just going to be using the standard intake and exhaust , intake fitted with custom fuel rail to run -6 fittings and braided lines which the whole car has been converted to (pics to come) ^ pic of the lines coming into the engine bay unsecured atm brake and clutch lines also being changed to braided lines all bushes being changed to revshift aftermarket ones offset bushes above yet to do the diff mount bush as I'm looking for a medium case diff at the moment and will be twin mounting it underneath the car shortly. E36 adapter shaft with solid aluminium centre Motor and gearbox will be going in shortly with revshift gearbox mounts and Range Rover v8 engine mounts using a spec stage 3, 6 puk clutch and lightened factory flywheel shipped for $700 from Evan at SpeedFactor will definitely be able to handle the power I'm expecting to make will be picking up some seat rails for these in the next few weeks and bolting them in (can't wait these seats are awesome) will be updating this build very soon for now peace
  5. Ive got a whole bunch of parts from a turbo project that I've decided to kick to the kerb. Cometic m5x 0.140" MLS headgasket- Brand new, still in its wrapping $250 Mild steel m5x turbo manifold flange- Bought from another failed turbo project, brand new $100 850cc Ebay injectors- Bought off Ebay from an Australian store, supposedly have Bosch EV1 cores, brand new $300 Located in Christchurch, but I'm happy to ship. CHEERS!
  6. Hi all I'll be selling some interesting bits and pieces, mainly E36 Evo M3 driveline parts, and M50/52 parts, that will no longer be used. These items are expensive quality parts sourced over the years, It is an ideal package for anyone desiring a strong F/I build, or simply upgrading a standard E36. They were to be used in a high horsepowered M50 Frankenstein build, but life doesn't always work out the way one wishes it would, there's nothing cheap about building a turbo E36 unless you cut corners ( haha ). Here are some parts, including some engine upgrades for turbo applications. - Evo M3 LSD Diff : $1200 ( haven't confirmed Ratio yet, blasted and painted, so not a crappy looking used Diff ) - Evo M3 Complete Rear Subframe ( Complete Powder coated unit ) : $1800 - Evo M3 Manual Conversion Kit ( Includes Complete Driveshaft ) : $2400 - UUC Clutch / Flywheel Kit ( 850whp rated, can find the detailed info on CES Motorsport web page ) : $2800 ( reasonably priced for what it is ) - Evo M3 Rear Axles : $ ( Price TBC ) Engine Components: -Top Mount TurboManifold T3/T4 : ( SOLD ) - CES BMW E36 Cutring Headgasket, Copper Spacer, COMBO KIT : $750 -ARP 2000 Head stud kit : ( SOLD ) -M52B28 Stroker Kit, removed from 90km engine : $500 -Evo Subframe Bushing Kit : ? ( TBC ) -Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump, Filter and Connector : ? ( TBC ) -M50B25 OBD1 Engine wiring loom : $50 -M50B25 Intake Manifold x 2 $60 each - Nuke Fuel Rail = ? ( TBC ) I will update with images for most of the items listed in accordance with forum rules. Feel free to ask questions, there's still more parts to be listed but i haven't gathered everything just yet so keep an eye out if there's anything that tickles your fancy haha, or PM if need be, kind regards, Peter. Items with "TBC", prices yet to be confirmed.
  7. just arrived today I needed a engine for another car so got this in also a e92 335i fix up car e90 sedan 335i 2006 parts car 132ks silver black leather silver trims jap spec idrive nav and radio 17" staggered alloys brent@bmworld.co.nz 021433600
  8. Story: So i purchased my 2nd E28 around 10 years ago now and had the plan to turbo the car but life got in the way and i had to move oversea's for last 6/7 years...So it sat in the garage next to my alfa 33 (w 1.7ltr sud engine) Now im back in NZ i have decided that i am going to dedicate myself to doing up the e28 over the next year or so then possibly sell the car but who knows (sure ill make a loss). I am trying to do as much myself, and on the cheapish Current: M30b35 from E32 (Stock) 5 Speed Manual Transmission Crap ratio rear diff ( ex auto car so great for burnouts in 1st . 2nd) Biggest stock bmw brakes i could fit under 15" rims (believe 735i & 540) Stock Suspension Exhaust - 2" twin pipe or 3" Straight off old e28 ECU - MS2 + Air temp sensor + o2 The plan: Engine - 55 lbs Injectors / FPR / MLS or Cooper Ring Head Gasket / Block (Stock for now) / Head (Stock for now) Engine Mount - Right side custom (dependant on space required) Suspension - JRZ Coilovers (or similar) , Sway bars Intake - Now Either ITB setup from M5 or Custom 2JZ Exhaust - Custom 2 x 2" - 2.5" full exhaust Driveline - LSD 3.97 (dependent on power output) / Balanced drive shaft Bushings - New all around Cage - Half / Full cage Paint - Touch up / undercarriage repaint (have a custom color in mind but $$$ dependent & access to booth) Induction - T3 Twin Scroll - HSR40RS (lightened compressor wheel) Insides - Seats refurbished / New carpet (due to leaky battery one of my family members put in there while i was oversea's) I'm in the manawatu area, so just giving a shout out as im sure i will need help down the track as im not superman haha. I will update this as i go through the build. Update 4.0: So not much has gone on since august due to issues with parts, but fuel system images below and manifold is now ready to be finalised. There is going to be another delay once completed due to having to sell another project to re-finance this one
  9. I know it's not a BMW but it might interest someone here. Help me in my quest to get a second BMW by buying my Mk2 Golf. All details here: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1064825312&ed=true
  10. Recently became the proud new owner of a particular brilliantrot e30 e318is (+turbo). When I bought it, the diff was making noise, the clutch was (and still is) slipping due to a cheap replacement, the short shift lever was grinding on the driveshaft and it failed a warrant due to the missing highbeam. I've since fixed (or had fixed) all but the clutch and just on the hunt for a decent road clutch that'll take the power it's putting out. I believe the motor was done by Kayne Barrie (or one of his apprentices) in '03 and has been through a few owners in and around Auckland. Here for the knowledge and the know-how that graces these forums and hopefully attend a few meets. Sorry for the shitty quality I-phone photos.
  11. Hi everyone! Just a quick intro here, my name is Ruel. Owner, operator, destroyer of this little e30, ex 318i. Brief modification list: -Apexi turbo timer -Turbosmart 2 stage electronic boost -Turbosmart 38mm external wastegate -T3/t4 turbo re-cored to holset 35r 500hp -D1spec fuel pressure reg -Autogauge boost gauge 2" shadow -Alpine stereo 2013 -HKS fuel rail -HKS clear cam cover -550cc injectors -New rear shocks and coil overs -Custom oil catch tank -OBX lightened cam pulley -OBX "Hellfire" 2 stage blow off valve + trumpet -2 x 1" spacers 4x100 57.1mm hub centric int, 56.1mm outer. -70mm throttle body -Recaro reclinable seats + rails + sliders -Apexi safc neo -Apexi RSM -3" straight through exhaust -2x Blue 12" radiator fans Probably still more that I've missed on this list the project is never over! More to go and I'll post it as I go along. Suspension upgrades. Bushings. Etc still need to be done. I haven't exposed my car much since a majority of completion, my first outing was part of street culture meet and greet. Link below https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nYiJTzdV3fA Thanks everyone! Looking to be part of Bimmersport more. Great crew! Ps any stickers? Lol Here's more photos also: Peace out peeps !
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