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Found 22 results

  1. As per title. I dont like my chances, but im after a front RH (drivers side) guard for my E36 coupe. Must be Boston Green, and must be in good condition.
  2. As per title, im after an aftermarket rear muffler that will bolt onto the standard mid pipe on my E36 M3. Not bothered by design, prefer it wasnt horrifically loud but open to options. If you have one available please advise price.
  3. Bonto

    E28 car or parts needed

    I have some long overdue work to do to my trusty daily. It's a manual 525e circa 1987 in citrusblau. Not so worried about external colour matching but the interior is blue, and I'd prefer to avoid doing a wholesale interior change... then again, most of it's coming out so I'd look at it. Mechanicals are mostly all great. I need body and interior parts. Namely: Straight bonnet Rust free sunroof Drivers doorcard A good dash would be awesome but, then I'd quite like it if my hair would grow back too. #hendentures Gear lever mechanism complete. I understand that Z3 ones work? Full carpet set Headlining Tail lights Bonus points: Mesh rims would be a bonus (can't remember the type no.). Bilstein suspension Medium case LSD Drivers lights Bigger brakes that will fit and still allow a range of rims I need to 'panel and paint' the car so the bonus items may not make the budget and are less of a priority If you have a rust free, (or close to it) car with mechanical issues i.e. bad motor/box etc.. that has a nice interior I'd readily look at that. I'm in Dunedin too btw. Hit me up. Cheers, Tom
  4. WTB: 4x100 Wheels & Tires ( or either ), for my E30 project. Interested in 15"s, 16"s and 17"s. Will consider all styles. Also if you have any pictures of your E30s so I can get a better guide of what will look best on my car, cheers.
  5. Hello, I'm after Bosch non-smiley with city lights either both of the right hand headlight (low beam and full beam) on the bracket, or just the right hand low beam headlight, for a facelift E30. Cheers
  6. Hey all, I'm after a few parts for my bronzit beige metallic F/L E30 coupe. -F/R door (manual window preferred) -Rear bumper rub strip -15" Basket weave centre caps. Bmw or bbs, don't mind. -51 mm Front struts -LSD -Tan coupe leather interior -recommendations for a painter to colour code bumpers Feel free to message me! Cam.
  7. As per the title, any throwing stars, turbines or even naked rims out there? Will also consider Hartge, Alpina, Ac Schnitzer or BBS in 16/17x8 (9 ok for the back), the lower the offset the better.
  8. MikeDodd

    WTB: E30 Electric Window Motors

    Hi guys, So after putting up with it for most of winter I figured it's probably time to fix my busted power windows before the New Years break! Am after a couple of motors for an '89 E30 Touring (facelift model)- one for the front passenger window and one for the passenger side rear window. If anyone has any surplus of these in working order kicking round - let me know! Thanks in advance Mike
  9. Hi everyone The Getrag 260 that came with my car has the wrong bellhousing on it (m30 instead of m20), so I am looking to buy either a: Getrag 260 Getrag 265 Getrag 240 Getrag 245 ZF S5-16 All with either an m20 bellhousing or removable bellhousing and either the holes for the sensors or the ability to have the holes added. Also a matching driveshaft and shift linkage would be good too. EDIT: and the cross member Thanks
  10. ///MPROVD

    WTB e9x e8x drivers airbag msport

    Hey guys i need a m sport drivers side airbag from an e9x or 1 series. Thanks
  11. Exit Strategy

    WTB: E36 air conditioning unit with AUC

    Hi all As stated I'm after an air conditioning unit with AUC (automatic recirculation control), this has two give aways, the parts number in the top will have AUC at the end of the numbers, or on the face, where the recirculate button is, instead of just the circle, there is another with an 'A' on it. AUC is an optioned ticked in my car but the unit itself has given up, it detects pollutants in the air and automatically switches off the main stream of outside air coming in and recirculates the current air that is in the car. Thanks for your help!
  12. Gary Oak

    E34 Wish list

    Need some parts for my wagon! Body panels ideally in black but will take what I can get... -> Front bumper ->Rear bumper -> Manual front seats - cloth or leather ->E34 suspension NON SLS, ideally touring rear. -> Hatch lift struts -> Bonnet lift struts And if anyone is clued in with E34 electronics and is keen to have a look over, happy to supply with brew of choice. Standard fun issues like windows etc not working, hatch electric switches not working etc etc! Cheers
  13. Reuneb

    E36 Door Handle Problems

    Hi, I have an E36 coupe, and recently the drivers door handle is getting difficult to open from outside and inside, especially if the window is up. I had an issue like this on my passengers side, which resulted in the outside handle breaking after my friend tried to open it without the 'knee in the door trick'. Replacing the handle was a nightmare as when I did, the window wasn't removed from the door. Is there is a solution for my drivers door handle problem with out replacing the whole unit as i'd rather not go through that again, but if i had to, does anyone have a 1996 (DEC 1995) door handle assembly? When replacing my passengers side one I realised the original lock tumbler did not fit into the replacement door handle, and I'd essentially like to use the same locks for my drivers door. Any advice would help, and I apologise if i'm in the wrong category, but seems like a maintenance thing... Thanks
  14. Wanting to buy a complete manual conversion or parts for an e46. Or someone offer me a dirt cheap 5 speed auto box. My car is a 1999 323ci. Gearbox Shift linkage Drive shaft Clutch Master cylinder Slave cylinder Clutch and brake pedals Clutch lines Reservoir Throw out bearing shift knob ect... I have an e30 m50 swap for sale 5500 ono Also e30 and e34 parts Located in Wellington
  15. JackDatBoi

    M20B25 Speedo Drive

    I'm currently after a M20B25 speedo Drive for my swap. I'm located on the shore. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  16. E34_timmah

    WTB: E3/Bavaria

    Anyone have an e3/bavaria for sale? Or know of one. Any condition and can travel
  17. nzsims

    WTB e91 330i Touring

    Hi there, trying to track down an e91 330i touring. Doesn't seem to be a lot (if any) floating around on trademe. Prefer >100k kms. >$20. And leather. Any ideas?
  18. WillEyedowin

    WTB: e30 318i/320i/325i Manual

    First time posting on the forum, been looking an e30 on trademe for about 2 weeks now. I've finally decided its time to purchase myself an e30 after admiring and dreaming about owning one for about a year now. Budget is around 5k Looking for a manual, but feel free to offer automatics. Dont want a convertible/cabriolet Preferably either 318i or 325i, not against buying a 320i though. Would love to have a touring but probably not in the budget Cheers
  19. Friend of mine has a 328i that is begging for a third pedal. We need all the parts to make up a full conversion kit. Located in Christchurch and willing to have items shipped.
  20. Huggus

    WTB e30 facelift headlight

    Just wanting some e30 facelift headlights that are in good condition.
  21. Huggus

    WTB seats for e30 2 door

    Just looking for some seats for my e30 2 door if anyone has any that would be great
  22. After a winder for my sunroof (car: 525e E28 but I suspect the same was found on e30s from the 80s too) They commonly break apparantly. I pretty much just need the handle and what ever rotating parts etc, spring/clip comes with it. Am in Dunedin but I'll pay for freight... Not looking to spend too much - it's a Scottish ancestry thing Tom