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e30 specification compilation

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Hi guys, been a while. Things have changed a bit since 2003- now on the same piece of dirt as Steve Erwin, shifted in Jan for school- at adelaide uni now. Anyway, i've been coming back here from time to time- nice to see steady growth!, and also nice to have a free bimmer forum. Thanks Andrew and crew.

Anyway, I'm on a quest to compile a complete table on the e30 BMWs with model, engine, hp, mass, production count...... etc, not colours or options at this stage.

I have been to www.r3vlimited.com, Jordons compilation was very helpful, although it had a few errors and missing info.

Also, www.bwminfo.com was of some use.

I'm looking for other sources of information to verify what I have and fill in the blanks.

So any links would be greatly appreciated or if you have to info at hand I have specific questions.

Notably, information on the Alpina series and accurate data on all the M3.

Also, info on the american 325, 325e, 325eS and 325 'Super ETA' would be appreciated.



(btw, you may want to move this to 'General' forum area, is wasn't really thinking when I posted it here- i'll leave that to your discretion-ta)

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Guest Spargo

check out www.e30zone.co.uk , those boys have pretty much got it all!

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Check out histomobile.com as they have some info on the E30, or probably any car built as a fact.

On the front page just click on the USA flag to change the language.

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