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station wagon

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i want it to be damn sexy so ideas

you cant be damsxy bro - one of my mates has already got that one... (white evo 5 with no wing) but you can surly get some other plate....

Anyway bro, I think slammed, white wheels and a really glossy black. If your going to do a body kit, get Mtech II or somthing similar - nice and subtle. tints all round, big sounds.

This will incorperate low and slammed on its nuts - AIR BAGS!!! go on, I dare ya!! Just flag johnny down in that blue civic on white wheels and airbags - hes a dealer for them in Hawkes bay, He said he could get my E36 going up and down for about 4g...

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and it will be dodgey converted, haha palmy guys suck. dont sell ur wagon to him neither unless you want it running around with cutties and chromies!!!!


edit: and thats my old 318i sedan ruined.......................................

buddy my cars for ligit with cert, yeah its got chromes but aint got no cutties, so dont go telling everyone on this site it got cutties, and that tha conversion is dodgy, and also tha best thing your 318i every saw is a rotary, uv pissed me off now sparkely..

oh and my cars ruined aye........

ah well yea my previous post was probably a bit out of line. Ive just heard that ur e30 has had cutties since u brought it off me. But heard after i posted that previous post that ur running jamex springs compressed.

And for the dodgey conversion, most of the rota conversions ive seen in palmy are crap ie havin to giv the rota sum revs otherwise stalling etc. neva know urs cud b ok.

guess im just too much of an old man and too much of a bmw purist! :lol:

how far is it away from getting finished anyway?

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