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Welcome to the TradeMe discussion section!

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Due to the growing number of TradeMeâ„¢ discussions on the site, we here at bimmersport have decided to create a section for it all! :)

How will this work?

Section Rules

* All TradeMeâ„¢ topics started go here

* If any TradeMeâ„¢ discussion starts with in a thread and tangents the topic that topic will be moved here

* The section is highly moderated. Basically if a topic goes south it will be closed and appropriate action will be taken.

* Absolutely no bulling will be tolerated. You are obviously allowed your point of view / opinion but it must be kept civil.

* Treat others how you would like to be treated .. and have fun :)


* If you the poster own or are selling on behalf the item in question you are permitted to post this in the for sale section.

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