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** - Forum Rules, Please Read - **

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Copied from the forum rules on the main website located here.

Discussion Forum Guidelines

Bimmersport has New Zealand's most active BMW message boards, we are a community of people that share the same enthusiasm towards BMW Motorcars. Bimmersport values our community and will continue to see that it grows positively.

We prefer that moderators spend their time helping people to use the message boards effectively rather than having to clean up after others.

The following posting rules have been constructed through years of experience in managing the Bimmersport message boards and private messaging, although you may not always understand why moderation occurs these guidelines will attempt to outline the likely reasons.

When moderation occurs it is not your right to have the reason explained to you, we have our own checks and balances to ensure moderators maintain a high standard.

If you have any disputes you should email andrew@bimmersport.co.nz, do NOT continue to create new threads in the message boards.

Reasons for moderation at our discretion

1. Personal Information – We discourage the posting of any personal information on the public boards, please Private Message the intended recipient if need be.

2. Personal Attacks – Play the ball not the man, Bimmersport has some great heated debates but you must keep to the topic, not resort to personal insults.

3. Personal Issues – Bimmersport is a community with many members knowing each other offline. Bimmersport is NOT the place to air dirty laundry or make statements “for all to see.�

4. Links – Links to questionable material including images or competing websites.

5. Spam – There are two forms of spam, the first is a post for commercial gain from a party that is not a partner

of Bimmersport. The second is a high volume of messages from any user that add no value to the community.

Neither will be tolerated.

6. Legal – We will remove anything that may put Bimmersport or the poster of that information in a negative legal

position. We have a great deal of experience in what is a very serious matter.

7. Questioning Moderators Decisions – We consider the questioning of our moderators actions to be the worst offence. The only way an issue will be discussed is by contacting the forum moderator, repeated threads will be deleted and a ban considered.

8. Advertisement - Shameless advertisement is not allowed. Private Classifieds are allowed. Do not post the same ad/offer multiple times or continuously bump your ad so that it remains at the top of the page. If you wish to advertise in any way other than private classifieds - please contact our Advertising department.

9. Profanity - Please remember this is an all age Forum. There is NO reason to use Foul Language.

10. Double and Triple posting - In every post you make there is a EDIT BUTTON, please use it.

11. Cross posting - please do not post the same message in multiple forums. Post it in the forum your message is most related to. If it doesn't belong in any topic, post your message in the General Discussions or Off Topic forum. Please observe the stated guidelines for content applicable to each forum.

12. General Courtesy - Please be polite to each other and try to get along. This is a Support community for everyone. Let's Support each other.

13. Respect Others - Be respectful to other members. As we all may have different opinions on just about every aspect of life, please keep in mind that one person's opinion is their own and we are each entilted to express our opinions in an appropriate manner even if those opinions differ.

14. Respect Authority - Please respect the staff. They are here to help. If you feel that they are abusing their authority then you can report them, we will resolve the issue.

15. Discrimination - Racism, sexism and any other form of discrimination will NOT be tolerated. Any derogatory remarks to anyone who is of a different race or ethnicity is unacceptable. This will be strictly enforced.

16. Fighting Members - This is a Support forum, not a boxing ring. A heated debate is one thing, but when members are just abusing each other this disrupts the whole community and will not be tolerated. Take your fight to PM (private message function) and resolve the issue then come back.

17. Signatures - please do not make your signature too big (around 4-5 lines maximum) and don't use fonts larger than normal. Also, no extremely large images are allowed in signatures. If we ask you to change your signature for one reason or another, please do so ASAP.

18. Warez - Posting links to warez-related sites (that includes bittorrent trackers) or to files such as copyrighted data, or any other type of illegal files is strictly forbidden. Please ask the staff if you're not sure.

19. The copyright for any material created and published by the users is reserved. Any duplication or use of objects such as diagrams, or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the user's approval.

Specific points of interest

1. Spelling – Users are not to attack others for their spelling. Bimmersport is a car enthusiast forum, not a university grammar test. However we do expect a certain level of legibility and ‘text’ language or modern ‘colloquialism’ will not be tolerated.

2. Attacking new members – For Bimmersport and New Zealand’s BMW community to thrive, all newcomers are welcome and older members ganging up on them will not be tolerated.


Bimmersport Management is exempt from the above moderation and may promote partners outside those bounds, remove those that create issues for our moderation team or cause other such interruptions.

User Bans

If the above rules are not met or a member is seen to constantly waste our moderators time it will result in a ban. You will usually receive one short term ban; if you continue the behaviour after being let back you are likely to face a permanent ban from the site.


Bimmersport amends these guidelines as it sees fit.

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