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E30 Fusebox and Relay Layout

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# (Amp) Description


1. (7.5) Left high beam headlight(relay K3)

2. (7.5) Right high beam headlight(relay K3)

3. (15) Auxiliary fan, 91°C(relay K1)

4. (15) Turn/hazard indicators lights

5. (30) Wipe-wash, headlight cleaning and intensive cleaning systems(relay K10)

6. (7.5) Brake lights (15A if additional brake lights are fitted), automatic cruise control, map reading lights

7. (15) Horn(relay K2)

8. (30) Heated rear window

9. (15) Selector lever position indicator for automatic transmission

10. (7.5) Instruments, on-board computer, reversing lights, Service Indicator

11. (7.5) Fuel pump, fuel supply pump

12. (7.5) Radio, Check Control and instruments

13. (7.5) Left low beam headlight (relay K4)

14. (7.5) Right low beam headlight (relay K4)

15. (7.5) Rear fog lights (relay K4)

16. (15) Seat heating (relay K5)

17. (30) Sliding roof (relay K5)

18. (30) Auxiliary fan, 99°C (relay K6)

19. (7.5) Mirror control, mirror heating (relay K7)

20. (30) Heater blower, air conditioning (relay K7)

21. (7.5) Interior, glovebox and luggage compartment lights, torch, clock, radio memory, on-board computer

22. (7.5) Left side, rear and parking lights

23. (7.5) Right side, rear and parking lights, licence plate lights, instrument lighting

24. (15) Hazard warning flasher

25. (30) Not in use

26. (15) Touring: rear-window wipe-wash system

27. (30) Central locking system, door lock heating, on-board computer horn, Sound System

28. (30) Cigarette lighter, motor-driven radio aerial, independent fuel-burning heater

29. (7.5) Left fog light (relay K8)

30. (7.5) Right fog light (relay K9) 



K1 - Normal speed 

K2 - Horn

K3 - High beam

K4 - Low beam

K5 - Unloader

K6 - High speed

K7 - Unloader

K8 - Fog lights

K9 - Fog lights

K10. Wiper control

Additional Relays


In front of the fusebox just on the forward part of the left strut is an additional little box that contains the master relay (white) and one or two fuel relays (orange).

There are also two more relays behind the glovebox, one blue and one yellow, but someone else will have to shed light on these two.


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