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Auckland Engineering Supplies

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Auckland Engineering Supplies better known as AES is a small engineering supply store located in Westhaven, Auckland. AES focus's on giving great service and support. they have great staff with a wealth of knowledge regarding marine, motorcycles, race cars, general engineering and they are more than happy to pass this on to help solve any problems that you may have.

AES has set up a cash account for bimmersport members. This account will have full trade discount applied to it and will be offering a discount from 20-25% to bimmersport members depending on items.

They will even set up a personal account with the same discount rate applied. Contact Miles to set this up for you. This is a good option for people looking to get their tax back as all invoices/receipts will have your trading name on them

AES also have a few sales reps on the road that cover most of Auckland and would be more than happy to come and see anyone working in or owning workshops.

The stock range is huge!

Hand tools: Koken, Teng, Kincrome,Ampro, Irwin, Record, Bahco The list goes on and on

Powertools: Hitachi , Makita, Bosch, De-walt ect...

Consumables/oils: CRC, TERGO, Castrol, Chemtech, 3m abrasives, norton ect

Saftey gear: Auto welding helmets, general saftey glasses ect..

Engineering: Speciality drill bits, step drills, taps & dies, Nuts washers and bolts(metric,imperial, unf all the odds and ends) dial gauges carbide burrs ect...

Workshop equipment: jacks, axel stands, presses, air compressors

If they dont stock it or have it they can get it, just ask.

Also for out-of-towners they can take c/card, or bank deposits to pay for goods and can send track and traced by NZ Courier

They dont have a Website right now but the "parent company" Tradezone has a website with all of the stock lines and suppliers they deal with www.tradezone.co.nz

Also if you would like to be added to their mailing list witch sends you the bi-monthly specials catalog fill your details in on this form (caliper mag is only once every two months)

Contact details:

154 beaumont street


Ph: 358-8448

Email: miles@aesnz.com

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Awesome! Wicked deal. Great sponsor.

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YUS!! I need a new jack, and 1/2 drive socket set!! Perfect timing

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Thanks for sorting this out for us Ollie. looks good.

If anyone wants something priced or wants to check if we have something just flick me an email and ill get back to You Asap.



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