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Just wondering


Many still remember, and are waiting for our next feature on GrabOne or TreatMe for our infamous car tinting deals.

Unfortunately our group deals have come to an end, as it had come to a stage where it was doing more harm than good.

However we are still offering best tinting service in town at competitive prices.

We are offering a further discount to Bimmersport members for being great supporters over the years.

Our team is looking forward to seeing more Bimmersport members and their cars at our store!

Bimmersport Preferential Prices

Folie Classic: $199 $179
35% darkest legal standard window tint with lifetime warranty. Great look at a great price.

Ultra Guard: $299 $269
40% neutral grey coloured tint, offers industry leading heat rejection. Best protection.

Carbon Supreme: $399 $359
35% darkest legal tint, normally referred to as the ‘true black’ with great heat rejection properties. Best of both worlds.

For more info on our product, please visit our website: www.carfolie.co.nz
Please mention your Bimmersport username to receive discount

Why Get Tinted?

Window tinting has always been one of the most popular upgrade for your vehicle.

Let’s face it. It makes your vehicle look much better.

Apart from the visual appeal, there are many other reasons to consider having your windows tinted. Listed below are some of the top reasons that people tint their cars.

Avoid Overheating
· Your car’s interior can be 60% cooler during those hot summer days with proper tinting.

Protect Your Skin
· Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Tinting your car can block 99% of these damaging rays.

Accident Protection
· In an auto accident, tinting can help shattered glass hold together, protecting the occupants of the car.

Safer Driving
· Tinting reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow, and headlights, helping you drive safely.

Enhanced Privacy
· Tinting protects your privacy and contents within a car. What a burglar can’t see, won’t steal.

Prevent Cracking and Fading
· Harmful UV rays and heat cause car upholstery to crack and fade, can tint is sunscreen for your car.

Why Car Folie?

We're Professional
When investing in a high quality product, it’s only natural to demand proper service and ensure that they get installed by people who are knowledgeable, experienced and skilled.
Our team at Glass Folie has earned a reputation for providing reliable and consistent service to our customers, and we are proud to be recognised by the industry-leading manufacturers of window films 3M and SolarGard as one of their approved and recommended product installers.
We are up to date with all the latest developments within the window tinting industry, and consistently offer the latest technologies direct from the manufacturers.

We’re Affordable
Our competitive prices are unmatched throughout New Zealand, and our highly trained expert team is extremely quick and efficient.
Give us a call to find out about our special listings.

Lifetime Warranty
Choosing us gives you peace of mind – we have one of the most comprehensive warranties in the entire industry.
Not only do we spare no expense in using the highest quality window films, our services and products are backed by manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
Lifetime warranty covers everything including bubbling, peeling, delaminating, and fading.


attachicon.giftinting_before and after2.jpg

Just wondering if you do house tinting?

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Anyone has done any jobs with Car Folie recently? Happy with the work? Is it a big mess for the car (removing panels etc)?

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Hi, recently tinted my X5.

very happy - besides they left the 3M markings on the back window, i still need to drop back to get them to correct.

But otherwise great job. Only a few hours.

No they don't have to remove panels to tint your windows.

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Had them do three cars over the last year, yip always been very good. Recently did a job in December which is perfect also.

Usually very prompt and efficient so I keep going back :)

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I'll drive down to Auckland to get them to do the Touran, when it 's ready.

On our E39, I took the rear parcel tray out, to give more space for them to work without affecting the fabric covering, and the whole job was don'e in 45 minutes from arrival to leaving!!! I'd almost worked out how to use the playstation upstairs (well it was on at least :lol: )

They're damned good, and great pricing.

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Hi Everyone,

@ Dkonsta1 - We don't remove any door panels, ever. So rest assured your clips and panels will never be pulled off in the process.

@ M5V8 - The 3M logos come off with some nail polish remover. We leave them on there so customers know we are infact using 3M products.

We will be bringing in a high end product from 3M soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

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How much would it cost to tint my e91? darkest legal tint pls.

Also cost to do head/tailight.


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