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GDM - E36 Drift/Race Project

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Alright so got the car back from the tuners, told them to tune for low boost first of 12psi, and pretty much what i thought it made the same power 460whp but was a little later in the rev range than what i would have liked, he gave me a big list of things i need to do before upping the psi to above 20psi which from memory is larger radiator, re plumbing the turbo and waste gate cooler lines, moving the charge pipe work away from the exhaust manifold and waste gates to reduce intake temps. All minor stuff and im sure there was some other stuff on the list

Also just arrived is the other 3 dunlop 265/310/17 racing slicks to complete the set which will be fitted up the the vehicle soon

The big fancy clutch set up i got slipped on me a little bit with a full boost 3th gear clutch kick while driving so that will need to come out and be replaced, so the set up cost me around $1,400, this set up would be perfect for an N/A car and should still be in very good condition if someone would like to purchase it :)...  I will have to be getting something a bit bigger to handle the power.


On another note our twin super charged m43 engine'd German police car has now got excessive blowby on the rings so swapped out the engine for an M50B25tu engine and fitted a manual gearbox, decided to use this for a drift missile car...



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