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Lightest 19x8.5 5x120 ET20(ish) wheels

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Hello Everyone

My current style 66 wheels weigh; 17x8 ET20 10.4 kg / 22.9 lb Front and 17x9 ET26 10.6 kg / 23.3 lb Rear

Is there anything available in NZ lighter than the BBS RGR in 19x8.5 5x120. Unfortunately the Wheel weights xml referenced in the Wheels and Tyres Sticky doesn't have hub spacings.

With 19x8.5 120x5 wheels, from what I can gather;

The BBS RGR is 9.3kg / 20.5lbs

Posted Image

The Volk CE28N is 9.0kg / 19.8lbs

Posted Image

The Cor Brava Monoblock is 8.8kg / 19.4lbs

Posted Image

The HRE C21 is 8.5kg / 18.8lbs

Posted Image

The Dronell M10 is 8.4kg / 18.5lbs

Posted Image

The Alloy Technic B9 is 8.3kg / 18.4lbs

Posted Image

The Champion Motorsport RS98 is 8.2kg / 18.1lbs

Posted Image

These are the sourses for the info.



Any thoughts on how to get hold of any of these or if there is anything home grown that might even be better?

Many thanks


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