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E30 Shocks and Springs help

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Hey guys just curious if theres any difference in shocks and springs from e30 318 prefacelift coupe and e30 325 facelift sedan.
I'd like to swap springs and shocks because the shocks are gone in the coupe.

Also I'd like to lower my coupe to a suitable height but I don't know where to start. I'd like to keep ride comfort as I know most aftermarket set ups ruin how the car rides.
I was thinking bilstein or boge, and not sure on the type or where to begin on the springs. I want to get the 318 on the road and may do an engine upgrade in the future either 325 328 or 540 motor conversion.

My budget is around $2k. and also I noticed bimmersport is sponsored by some companies does that mean we can get discounts?

Otherwise what is a no budget set up, a 2-3k set up and then 1-2k set up.

Edit: For those of you looking for the ultimate in handling for your BMW, we offer the Uber-Kit. This kit contains Bilstein Sports shocks/struts, Eibach performance springs and Eibach fully adjustable sway bars. If you take your car out to the track, this is the kit for you. This kit will bring out the full handling potential of your E30 BMW. NOTE: Adding lowering springs to your BMW will increase negative camber on the rear wheels. All Uber-Kits include offset eccentric trailing arm bushings to correct the camber. Professional installation of these bushings is recommended.

is there anything like this I can get in NZ?


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There are blue colour shocks In the 318 and red in the 325 any insight on this? And any one who does good deals on shocks and springs? Also exhausts

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If its anything like the e21 there will be several different spring rates for that car depending on model, spec, engine etc. The springs from a 6 cylinder car will probably be harder than the springs from a 4 cyl.

Also, there's probably a pretty big difference price wise between boge and koni shocks!

Decide what you want to do, get the best suspension you can afford now, or save up for the best suspesion you can get.

Whatever you decide make sure you do it properly, no cut springs, and get your shocks shortened.keep in mind you will have to change your set up if you put a heavier motor in later on.

Have fun!

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When you say you want to lower your coupe, how far are you talking as it does have a big affect on ride quality?

An adjustable coilover package lets you sit the vehicle at the height you want but if you don't want to lower it more that 45mms there are a number of different shock and spring packages available like bilstien/koni. We have a few options that may suit you so PM us if you want to discuss them. Yes you will get a discount. :D

Its hard to find a bolt exhaust on for BMW's due to the configuration, noise constraints, sound quality and so on so we make to suit.

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