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E46 Electric Seat Recline Gearbox

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1998 E46 328i Sedan.

The drivers side seat recline stopped yesterday and when i actuate the switch i can have hear the motor running but no recline!

Have read elsewhere that a gear goes in the recline motor gearbox but that seems to be for E36's.

Anyone sorted this before?

Have got the seat out and taken a few pics. Tried to run the rod between the gearbox and opposite side recline gear rack but that wont turn at all.

The black arrow is the rod i tried to turn and the red arrow pointing to what i thing must be the gearbox. Looks like it would be tricky to get out?


The red arrow here is what i would call the recline rack and gear on the side opposite to the motor and the yellow arrow points to the rod that connects this and the gearbox under the seat.


Am I right or way off?

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Hi, Might be able to help out sent you a PM Cheers

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Purchased the gearbox from Allan, but alas without stripping the seat right down, could not find a way to just replace the gearbox. The seat itself is really complicated with lots of sping tension in places so my guess is you would need some kind of jig and pulling equipment and a lot of time to do this.

I ended up buying a standard e46 electric seat base and stripping the backrest and seat cushion off, then swapping my sports seat tilt gear, wiring loom and adjuster swithcing to the standard base.

Have E46 seat motors, standard seat adjust switch, a tidy dark grey cloth seat cushion and the outside seat trim if anyone is interested,

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