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S50B32 Race Engine, headers, ECU, airbox

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$13,000 for Bimmersport members. This is close as you'll get to a plug and play race engine.

BMW S50B32 race engine 

newly build bmw m3 s50b32 engine 

been run in on a dyno around 360 - 365 BHP. Has done two race meets and a track day

port and polished head 

Green uprated injectors to match more air from airbox 

King race bearings 

ARP blots on BMW OEM crack type rods 

std OEM pistons with gorzen rings 

new S54 oil pump 

std M3 3.2 evo cams 

VAC de vanos kit with new timing chain 

race head gasket 

Stainless steel exhaust manifold matched to airbox 

GTR type inlet air box and front scoop 

OMEX standalone ecu and harness 

all balanced. 

Brought off a guy I know in the UK (where I got my race car) who is upgrading to a S65 in his sons E36. It was going in my E36 M3 to replace by S50B30 but I have an option on a trick S54 

The ECU is set to go and tuned for the airbox and headers (noting it was tuned with a side exit exhaust) 

Advertised elsewhere. Am also selling a full S54 engine which was going in an E46 build. 

Which ever one sells first, the other one is going into my E36 M3 race car over winter.

2017-04-02 18.12.14-800x600.jpg

2017-04-02 18.12.34-800x600.jpg

2017-04-02 18.12.59-800x600.jpg

2017-04-02 18.13.23-800x600.jpg

2017-04-02 18.16.17-800x600.jpg

2017-04-02 18.16.23-800x600.jpg

2017-04-02 18.22.51-800x600.jpg

2017-04-08 13.29.45-800x600.jpg

2017-04-08 13.29.32-800x600.jpg

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