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N55 Turbo upgrade

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So, someone on here was trusting enough to let me do work for them, i know right ? ( one day you guys will get my humor )

Anyway, this wasn't a major upgrade just the comp wheel as turbine upgrade means using Chang made product and i refuse to touch them.

Comp wheel is MFS ( shinny ) 50mm inducer with increase radius and tip height,

Issues are they are so new very few parts can be obtained so i had to make the turbine rings as this needed oversizing as it had been leaking oil badly.

Holding the comp cover is a pain due to the outlet angle so a jig was needed, disappointing things are the stock built in blow valve the hole is way to small to be effective and the turbine wheel weighs a ton or at least shooting way about what it should be for its size.

End result a nice wee bolt in for those wanting a tad more without hurting drive ability and cost effect being well below 1k for my end at least.




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can if you like apart from cost its no bigger in size but at least its not plastic 

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