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Underwhelming service

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I picked up a second hand brake booster for the Saab as it has a leaking seal and I figured it would be easier to swap the seal on a unit out of the car and then just swap the boosters over. I took the booster to a highly recommended / reputable?  service party to get their opinion of the unit and a cost to replace the seal. 

Their response was - seal is toast - unit needs to be completely stripped down using specialist tools to replace the seal - estimated cost $250 plus parts of $45 or more,  can't be tested without master cylinder so no warranty on work, one week turn-around. 

My solution- bought the overpriced seal  and fitted it in 10 minutes as it is an external component.

  • Special tools used - trim removal tool, piece of wood and hammer (shaped a cup in the wood to fit round the seal - 30 seconds), 
  • old seal removal 30 nano seconds, 
  • new seal install - 5 minutes prepping and looking at it and 3 minutes carefully installing it,
  • vacuum tested using vacuum pump and sink plug in master cylinder hole - perfect. 


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