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forsale posts being deleted

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i am continuously having a battle with the forum admin/moderators/whoever it is with my forsale posts bring constantly deleted.

The posts are being listed with prices, and photos so i would like some explanation as to why.

could it please be established why my posts are constantly being deleted, i am not a business in any way shape or form. purely posting cars that we have brought for parts for out personal parts and selling/wrecking the remainder of what we do not want


I am starting to get incredibly annoyed with this and am wondering if it is possible for someone to have  a look into this

I have previously spoken to Hybrid about this in december last yer, and he advised me not to post any wreckings for a while and limit it to 1 or 2 a year (why should i need to when it is not "commercial"?) which i have done, i did not post any cars we were wrecking for approximately 9 months, yet i post one and people seem to have an issue.

hybrid also suggested to contact Ollie (which i did several times but received no reply) in order to find out the information on becoming a "forum sponsor" (again why should i need to when i am not a business, nor am i doing this commercially) so if that is the only option for my posts not to be deleted then it would be great if you could send that information through 


just to re iterate, I am NOT a business, and am NOT doing this "commercially" purely wrecking the rest of cars which we have brought for parts for our personal cars or race cars.


I would love for some answers to come of this ever ending battle





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Fair question.


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Arron, I have cut this from the "For Sale" rules post stickied in the For Sale section..

At a minimum your for sale thread requires:

* A clear photo of the item being sold

* A price, (''offers'' isn't good enough) however $2000 or near offer is fine

* A location of where the item is being sold from EG Wellington

All threads that dont adhere to these rules WILL be removed without warning or explanation.

So, in your post where you list "M Sport suede seats" "carbon style trim" "I have another set available from another car $300" but then don't have prices for the first two or pictures of any of these, let alone clear pictures of the wheels and tyres, etc. you have list then you do not even meet the minimum requirements for the post.

We have been over this many times on previous posts of yours, and you always choose to try and argue the point rather than just following the rules. If you put what is says in the rules then there is no problem.

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