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2003 e39 530i MS Topas Blau

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Now coming up 18 months of ownership (got it at 232k km, now sitting at 244k km) and it's been a great (and somewhat $$) journey.  I absolutely love this car and as I've spent far more than it's worth (price of a hobby..), it might be around for some time... although everything has its price...

As a short summary of some work...; Interior and exterior trim/seals and underbody shields, centre console compartment and cupholders, watermark and clear coat scratch removal (2000 grit wet sand + 3M 3 step buff & polish process), paintless dent removal, rear bumper paint, VANOS O-rings, DISA (G.A.S kit), new CCV system, thermostat, waterpump, belts, hoses, gaskets, O-rings, fan clutch, fan shroud, wheel refurb, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket (weeping again damit), spark plugs, washer jets and pipes, fuel cap, radiator cap (1.2 bar) and a fair bit of underbody and wheel arch cleaning.  New tyres Falken FK453 all around (rears today..).  Also today I had windscreen replaced under insurance for a faulty rain sensor, now got a BMW screen in with the optical bit of the sensor factory glued...  Also today headlight adjusters replaced and lens polished (not cheap exercise but cheaper than new lights...).  Also informed that top right rear suspension arm is getting tired so a new set is on the way from FCP Euro.  AND finally a new radiator from Schmiedmann is sitting in the garage waiting to go in (the original 2002 built one is still in the car - on borrowed time...).  Most of the work above been done by myself and YouTube... some exceptions...

In the year or so prior to me getting it, it had a front end re-paint (spoiler not original as headlight washer jets are missing - indicates a bit of a biff in a previous life), a radiator expansion tank, OFHG, and trans fluid renewed among a few usual items...

Next year I think I'll have to address the paint on roof as a few historic stone chips up there need dealing to...

Like all of our cars - it's had a lot thrown at it, but I wouldn't have it any other way...




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I've seen this around Hamilton, bloody nice example!

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