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E92 - 320i to 330i swap

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Currently have a 08 BMW 320i e92 auto, needs a new motor and have found a n52b30 for a similar price of the n46.

Comes with the motor, auto transmission and DME's. 

Should be a very simple straight swap, n46 and box out, n52 and box back in?

I'm Just not sure on driveshaft and differential of the 320i will bolt up to the 330i trans?

Obviously I would originally just sell the car and buy a higher spec model but considering the n46 is busted and I can get the n52, trans and DME's for a similar price, I'm rather interested!


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Umm! have you checked out the EWS,, key, car security side of things also. Having done an e46 engine swap and the advances in the security levels the e90 would/ could be way more involved research research.

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While it's possible to do, there are a lot of considerations required on the electrical side to ensure it will all work properly.

At a minimum, you'll need to have the CAS and key from the donor vehicle too.

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^ James knows his stuff when it comes to such. 

Other issues you will have are smaller diffs and rear axles, bearings etc. 

So you'd need those from a bigger 6 cylinder car. 

Front and rear brake upgrades too, depending on engineers cert requirements. 

Basically need an entire written off 330i to have all the right parts and wiring to swap over, becomes a pretty big job rather than just a simple engine swap. 

For the effort required you'd be better off getting a 335i turbo engine and go down that path, wouldn't cost much more but both would require the same effort 

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