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E36 seat wires don't match

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Had a week off so decided to give the work wagon a tidy up. Relined the headlining and pillars, fitted leather rears, m-rain half leather fronts and dyed the parcel tray. Looks like a whole different car! 

Problems arose when I put the fronts in. Driver seat was straight plug and play, passenger seat was a different story (see pic). Body wiring has 3x wires. White/red, white/purple and orange/brown. Seat has 2x wires. Blue and white. I've tried hunting online but no luck and I'm unsure if they're different because ti vs. coupe, FL vs. PFL etc. 

Any help would be good, oh and of course I switched on the ignition so I now have an airbag light :D. If you had a reset tool I could pinch that would be awesome! 

Average photo because of course I lent on my phone lens whilst installing the seats :angry:


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From memory there are 2 connectors - seat occupancy sensor (blue/white) and also the seatbelt tensioner. Look for the other connectors....

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