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Project twin e34's

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2 hours ago, e46v12 said:

Hey Nathan 

Yes its a dry sump setup, i think the manual swap is the easy part, eddie did all the hard work of mounting the thing in and getting it running mint. 

You should have a look at these guys Nathan https://adamat.com.pl/

 i was enquiring about their kit till i found eddies car. 

Yep, manual swap and m60b40 is the easy part and the next logical step.

Would love to see it when you get it.

If only we lived closer.

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Hey Everyone

So over the weekend manged to get my daily back up and running :)  Man what a night a day difference it is, the gear chatter that i did have mainly due to loose friction plate is pretty much gone. Clutch pedal feels a little stiffer which i dont mind at all. But just in general the whole motor feels and runs abit more smoother now. 

Also managed to change out the broken 2 o2 sensors in the e46 coupe and taken the bonnet and bumper off for painters next week.










drives shafts were originally same length but due to the adapter plate, i had shorten the old drive shaft. But used the front half of the 530i shaft as it was the longer piece but good as it was beefier



had to swap shifters out too due to length differences.





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Hey Team

Very long time no post.

alot has happened especially with my other builds and getting the coupe wof ready.  It officially sold today :) 

In the time that has passed I manged to get the sedan to Gavin for a tune. I wasn't there for it unfortunately as i had to drop it off on a Saturday and return next Saturday to pick up. Very happy with the tune as it runs so much better now. Idles smooth and no more burble! i can't stand that. 



So the red line is the base tune of M60B44 how the car first came in. Blue line is the final tune figures. 

Also have got some more work done with the custom 3 piece Hamann wheels, re-drilled holes to match the centres with the barrel. I have one wheel completely cleaned of old paint and now 3 to go. Glad to have found this paint stripper and it works Amazing! Looking at getting the centres powder coated in hyper black and keeping the lips polished.








Now the car is tuned and the WOF and REGO is about to finish i will be putting the REGO on hold and taking it off the road to swap all the bushings and arms out with the kit i purchased last year. Once thats all done and wheels are ready ill take it in to get certed. 

Fun times ahead

Thanks Richard


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Nice Richard.  The dyno graph photos don't appear to have uploaded?

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Would love to see those dyno photos if you can fix them please.

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i can see some dyno charts


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1 hour ago, e46v12 said:

@Creaver @zero

Can you see it now?

They look great. 20 hp is an excellent gain, plus some nice gains lower in the rev range.

239hp is a good result when you consider he calls his dyno the 'dream killer', because it records lower compared to others.

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Haha i know right when he told me the power figure i was like is that it lol.  

But my goal wasn't about the final power figure, more so getting the thing to idle and run smoother which its is definitely now.

So very happy with the tune.

Gavin even picked me up from the airport which was a 40min drive away,

Highly recommend the guy!


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