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Any idea what E36 option S962 is?

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On the vehicle information for an E36 328is Msport the last line is


Engine characteristic curves

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SA model , more power , not restricted after 5200rpm , should make power all the way to about 5800rpm

also may have cast iron block

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18 hours ago, EUROLESS said:

Intriguing and exciting, Is it plausible it was made in SA for the UK? another option is 



From that chassis number and full VIN you can see the model code for the car is BG12 which was a German built car, not a SA model.

As far as i know none of the SA build of E36 was sold new in the UK, and the ZA factory only looks to have built 4-Door saloon versions (LIM) of the E36, no coupes.

Option code is the differently programmed ECU, though no idea what it does!

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Fairly sure this is  the 'transitional'  MS40.1 DME which was used in  early production of the 328s .  They  sit somewhere between the M50- MS40 DME and the later M52 -MS41  DME and gave about 148- 152 kW  They were  used in the early 328s and in particular the manuals.

Production supposedly swapped to the MS41 DME in  mid 1995 although there is some debate because some markets didn't see the 328 until 1996 the units were then the MS41.1 common to the manuals and autos and delivered 141 kW.

My 328 is a 95 328 with the MS40.1 DME  - full alloy M52 engine and the engine characteristics were quite different from the later MS41 controlled M52 when it was stock , now with the mods to intake and exhaust it is way beyond the M41 controlled M52's with no reprogramming as the mods  match well with the DME characteristics.  

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