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Damaged my E60 530d

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Hi all, 

The continuing saga of my BMW, not only have I spent slightly more than the purchase price in repairs etc, I have now managed to hit a dog whilst travelling to work. Was doing 100 km/ph at the time, on rural roads, at 3am!

Unfortunately the dog died, a dark coloured Labrador. 

Damage to my car, that I know of, is to the left front of the car. Namely- fog light, lhand lower grille section, cracked lower bumper, paint damage/ cracking to bumper, broken engine under tray, and popped out bumper on left front.

After a wee bit of internet searching and stalking, I was able to get the dog owners name, as the son would not give me their name. Luckily for me, after a letter from my Insurance Company, the dog owner forwarded a claim to her Insurance Company, which has resulted in me not having to pay my excess etc.

The car is being repaired by Prestige Collision Repairs, in Hamilton, and I am due to get the car back on Monday.

What next........!!


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Bad luck there, although better then hitting a rouge cow, no coming back from that at 3am either

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Red cows do a sh*t load of damage 😄

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