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E46 Wet Foam Under Carpet

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Hi All,

Recently I noticed a lot of condensation build up in my car and found that the vapor barrier seals on my passenger side weren't sealed properly so water was getting under the carpet. 

I've had a dehumidifier going for about a week collecting as much water from the air as possible until its slowly stopped but after sticking my hand under the carpet in the rear I notice there is still a bit of water in the foam under the carpet. What would be the best way to dry this out without fully removing everything?

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^^^^ Yep, or remove seats, sill plates & lift the carpet as much as possible & setting the dehumidifier going again.

Have done this to several vehicles at work (typically BMW & VAG cars) when they have had water ingress.

With the thickness of the foam under the carpet - they can trap a lot of water.

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