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2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

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So due to redundancy I *need to find a new home for my e91... it's NZ New, is approaching 190km... runs well, everything works - no warning lights (aside from a rear lamp which I'll sort out next week). All original books/manuals and a decent bit of service history - two new Bridgestone RE003's on the rear last month, service done at Winger BMW in January. Originally sold new in Dunners, I bought it from a dealer in Auckland and look to be the fourth private owner. There's a year left on a transferable Janssen "Ultracover European" MBI. 

It's in good nick but is a 12 year old car that's used daily, she's no garage queen.

VIN is AF81035 so check out the specs - it's pretty standard NZ non M-sport spec for the era (no iDrive).

Selling to downgrade to something cheaper to buy/run... so if you have something $3-5k and want to upgrade to a practical reliable Bimmer wagon - hit me up.  My hope is I'll pick up a new role before selling but it is what it is and cash talks... I can (and will) buy again once the income is re-established.

Oh, and price - no, I don't need to give it away and nor am I going to. If you're a serious buyer now is the time to strike; the more time/money I put into it the more likely I'll want to keep it, and the more likely I'll have a new job/contract meaning I don't need to sell. Looking at Tard Me is fraught with danger and a serious lack of realism but 330i sedans with similar mileage (dreamers aside) are $6.5 to $7.5; this being an NZ one with some history, an years MBI, and a touring with wikkid az tints and fully sik magz I reckon $8k is good buying - which is a LOT less than I paid for it under a year ago (I know, that's irrelevant lol). 

So there it is - if you're keen I'm located in Whitby, but will have time from next week to bring it to you if you're in Wellington, Porirua, or the Hutt. If you're keen - give me a shout.





*don't actually "need" but it's the sensible thing to do.





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Thats really cheap, and looks nice.

FWIW, I paid closer to 13k for one in very similar spec but Msport at 120k 6 months ago.. Would have snapped this up otherwise. 

Good luck (or not ;)

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Cheers Chris - I think it's pretty fairly priced for a quick sale if someone's out there... though I kinda hope not; but we'll see what the next couple of weeks brings :)

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