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'Powered' Shocks - Experience / Reviews?

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Anyone had experience with the Powered shocks offered by Suspension Tech?  Little bro needs some shocks and these popped up on trademe.


On one hand I'm highly aware of buying quality suspension and braking components. On the other it's not a race car and more than likely produced in the same factory as other higher dollar shocks.


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Chris Alexander (who runs Suspension Tech) is a good bloke. He's been in business for more than a few years, and is well-known throughout the racing community. He has a good reputation to lose, not build, so I can't see him offering anything that doesn't work or won't keep working.

The Powered kit comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

Give him a call and have a chat. He'll fit too, if that is a consideration - he's based in Karaka, so not so far from you.

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Thanks yeah I've dealt with Chris in rallying days, indeed a good sort.

At the end of the day my brother's car was a $2k special, so got to be better than what's in it now for his budget.

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