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Anyone know the first owner of my M Coupe?

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Hi Bimmersport,

Slim chance but you never know! Last year I bought a Z4 M coupe. Unfortunately the previous owner lost the service book - the good news is I've been able to retrace it's steps calling around the dealers who will kindly re-stamp a new book, however it would be great to get the detailed service information. In order to get this I need authorisation from the owner at the time. 

Does anyone from the South Island happen to know the original owner of this car? Despite being a 2006 model, It was purchased new in 2009 from Christchurch BMW. These cars weren't overly popular back then and given a Financial Crisis that hit during this time, it sat in the dealership for 3 years! 

Previous number plates it's worn included:
- EZN464
- FYG123

And photo of the car today:


Any help greatly appreciated.



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