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Central Locking Motors

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Hi All, 

First Post! 

I purchased a 2000 540i last year. Its done 154Km. I'm slowly but surely showing it some TLC that it has been needing. I've just had to replace the Alternator (Prick to find) and waterpump. Pretty standard of a BMW of this mileage really. I'm finding other things as I go. The thing thats really grinding my gears at the moment is the central locking in the rear doesn't always work, sometimes I have to unlock/lock twice to get them all to lock. Additionally the remote has never worked since I've owned the vehicle. 

I was hoping to get some pointers for what parts I'm going to need to replace here, and whether or not its doable myself without buggering the airbags. 

The next cab off of the rank too is removing the standard audio headunit. I'd love to know what you all recommend there too! 

Thanks in advance guys :)


- Hursty

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