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Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

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Ive heard talk of the Y5DDC plugs coming apart, but never seen it happen. Very curious how it came loose, is the crush washer on the plug crushed?

There is an NGK alternative, but i dont recall the PN. It was also damn near impossible to find in NZ without being a horrific price, so i went with the Bosch too.

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Spark plugs should be good for 30k or more depending on use.

Looking at cylinder 5’s plug it is scored on the porcelain suggesting blow-past and no doubt causing the failure imho. All the others were ok although the 2 other that were loose had a soot build up around the threads.

I fished around as much as possible with a small magnet and pulled out black soot that was attracted to it but nothing solid. Maybe the prongs have been pounded to pieces and with a new plug this residue should burn-off 🤔


I believe it is NGK’s PKR7K’s but as you say they appear to be pretty rare so I have ordered another set of Bosch at $40 each (arrive Friday) and will torque them down. I’m just happy it wasn’t the coils at US$110 each plus shipping! Although they look original and I’ll probably have to replace them at some stage.

Checked the crush washers with the calipers they all appear uniform in width so idk.

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17 hours ago, mzhu031 said:

Woah! Thats scary.... they were those  two prong things, about 1.5-2 years old I think... :(

The penny dropped last night and the last person to touch the plugs was the mechanic who carried out the compression test. I’ll be contacting them to find out what happened and recovering the cost.

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