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jon dee

Heatsoak causing difficult starting ?

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I've been jumping around smiddy :)  Currently I am on MHD 1+ ver 8 without linear throttle because I changed too many things in one hit which makes it hard to say what changes are due to each item changed. After I've run ver 8 for a bit longer I will swap back to ver 9 as Herb recommends. Then I can make a proper comparison without any possibility of linear throttle interfering.

The reason I like feeling the torque roll in is that I spent too long driving 2 litre N.A. sales rep specials... either change down to overtake or get a decent run up :) At that time my toy was a little 1600 twincam Corolla and that had the same problem. Trying to overtake anything in 5th gear was a high risk operation as the car barely responded when the throttle was floored. After I bolted on a twinscrew supercharger I got the kind of response shown in the attached graph. The difference was night and day... with boost the Corolla was ALIVE !!!! I could overtake safely in 5th with just a gentle increase in pressure on the throttle.

And now that I have shaken a few extra hp loose from the 335i I have that same kind of throttle response... torque on tap with just a gentle push on the throttle. There is no way that I can give feeling up now... I'm addicted :grin-min: I know that linear throttle works and the power is still there on tap, but it is soooooooo satisfying to be able to get that push in the back with just a nudge on the gas pedal and know that there is more on tap if needed.


4AGE 2nd gear 01.png

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