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OK then, I thought I'd done one of these already when I first signed up but can't find it and was never active really to begin with. So, here goes. 

I'm Jonny, from not far away from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Spent the most of my life there and moved to New Zealand with my partner a little over two years ago. Haven't looked back. 

I was lucky enough to have my pick of several e30s thanks to a stash that was within my partners family. Mine is a fairly bog standard more door 320i and I love it. It had a couple of nice extras mainly the AC Schnitzer Skirts and rear apron as well as more than 305 thousand ks on the clock, when it stopped working..

I came here knowing nothing about cars and now thanks to this car, I work in the industry and I learn something every day. 

Since owning the car, I have changed the interior from standard grey leather and grey door cards to full black leather with matching cards. At one point I had a full sports set in the front but they were poked and for the money I got for those, I have Rover 220 leather seats I got from Pick a Part plus had a little surplus. They're almost exactly the same size.

I've done the likes of the timing belt, waterpump, control arms, bushes, shocks and brakes all round. Recently adding to this by adding lowering springs to remove that natural height they seem to have with 15inch rims. 

I'm now in the process of getting ready to repaint the car. It's currently diamond schwartz metallic and I'm going to keep it that way. I had originally planned to wrap the car and may still do in the future to protect the paint but rust issues in the original doors led to me having to replace them. There's no point doing half a job and beige door shuts would look a little off. These things are an investment apparently.. 

Yeah so, I've likely missed a few things but there we go, that's you mostly caught up. I'll try to be more active this time, once I know my way around a little better, I'll look into making a build thread. Not that she's anything special. It's just nice to keep track of things and hopefully have some chats with the like minded out there. No doubt I'll know some of you already. 





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