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12 minutes ago, KwS said:

I know when i had the E91 i looked into Carly and there were warnings about certain FRM units that would sh*t the bed if used with Carly. Maybe related?


Yeah I stumbled over that on my googling for WTF, carly didnt throw any errors when I did screw with it. I awhile ago I was screwing with LED bulbs, and turned off the warnings etc using carly, have since gone back to standard bulbs and didnt turn the warnings back on. No idea if this issue is related though 😕 Now its back to as default as can remember, unfortunately carly seems to have lost all the backups from months ago (android update, carly update? )

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3 hours ago, promo said:

tool32 wont flash it for you. only recovery is by eeprom programming. 021 0894 1411 if you need help

Thanks heaps for you help Pramod, life saver, I was about to torch the fecking thing :D

Ended up being a butchered coding from Carly app, reflash to stock by @promo via the magic of the interwebs and I have tail lights that behave themselves now.  

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