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    My Ferry catching tip is: Wellington to Picton. Book on the Bluebridge 2:30 am ferry. For an extra $40 you can book a cabin. They will give you early boarding at 11:30 pm. Straight to bed before midnight, 5 1/2 to 6 hours sleep, off the Ferry around 6:30 am (breakfast on board is always an option). You'll have a full day's drive, be refreshed and have beaten lost's of traffic. It's the cheapest nights accommodation in Wellington I've found. Long distance Travel tips: - take water with you and drink it, especially if you start feeling tired - Plan and take regular stops. Driving no more than 2 hours in a hop. - If there is a lookout or place of interest, stop and each one or every second one etc. Read the placard, enjoy the view, see some of N.Z's history and learn about your country. Oh and that's another fun stop to help keep you awake, safe and alive.
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    Hi guys, It's been a while since i've posted on the forum, but have been checking in every now and again. Some of you may remember when I converted my e34 540i from automatic to 6 speed manual in 2010. 5years of fun was had going to track days and enjoying her. In late 2015 I was thinking about supercharging and started looking into options. Unfortunately I couldn't locate one, at which point I decided to build an M60B44. This is using the M60 heads, valve train and timing equipment and a M62B44 bottom end from an E38/E39 etc. I chose to regrind the M60 cams to something more aggressive. Standard cams have an advertised duration of 246 intake/242 exhaust. Franklin Cams reground mine to 272/252. The M62B44 headgasket was used and an oil feed for the original "U" timing chain was blocked as the M60 timing guides are different. Most things that could be replaced, were replaced. Several months into the build, I found a supercharger in the USA and thought to myself...why not? It took approximately 2months to arrive, but this gave me plenty of time to actually get it running and iron out some of the bugs. The supercharger arrived ~3weeks ago. The clutch setup has been custom made/modified by Autoclutch in Auckland. I have now done 1300km on the rebuilt engine, and it definitely pulls stronger in all gears up to the current redline. I tried to dyno the car 3 weeks ago, but unfortunately the radiator blew a hole just before the dyno run was about to start. New radiator and heavy duty fan installed as a precaution. Tomorrow (27/6/16) I have a dyno run to see how it pulls out of the box. This is using the factory ECU/DME for the M60B40. I know I didn't need to do it as I will be installing the supercharger straight off the bat, but I wanted to compare with my Auto dyno run in ~2009. Another run will be done after the supercharger and piggy back ECU install/tune. Aiming for ~400whp with the blower. A 320lph AEM fuel pump and 42lb injectors arrived last week. Enjoy. http://imgur.com/a/9bCZm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkMwtzC8qcI
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    Not to mention a 250ml energy drink will have most people stopping for a piss way more often than 1.5l of water!
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    I've seen stupider things happen before.
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    I'm not sure they thought you were stupid. Based on the photographic evidence provided I think they thought the tech's were doing it wrong. And to be fair a different photo, one of the actual checking, to accompany the text might have lead to a different conclusion. But sure, assumptions are...
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    obviously they will be captive with the car sitting static on them. car needs to be in the air with the wheels hanging freely. they come loose when driving as the car goes over bumps in the road etc and the shock extends. the must be captive at full wheel extension.
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    Good price IMO, Looks like a very tidy e30. Those seats look amazing. Facelift M325i's have always been going over 10k - 15k for the last couple years, not exactly rare but they don't come up very often.
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    This would go for 15kusd+ here in the states. Where a good 05 E46 330i can be found for less than 5k. NZ is following along. My Tech 1 went for 10k and I am bummed I didn't bring it with me to the US to make a mint.
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    I've been known to go to Picton from Timaru via Athurs pass and the West Cost. Nice to get away from the straight roads, sitting there on cruise control for hours. The West Coast puts some turns into the trip. A bit like driving through the King Country instead of Taupo when heading up the North Island. Even better with the top down.
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    Can't speak from experience but I understand its issues like staying in gear or won't go into and having SMG cog lamp on.
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    Yeah but the stupid dyno reading is in road speed, not rpm. Yeah you can calculate it back from tyre size, but really who wants to do that. I'm probably just a dumb ass but I've never understood why some dyno operators set the axis to road speed.
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    Yeah, took photo when it didn't look like off-road vehicle lol. Guess I shouldn't of "assumed" people would think I'd have a clue.. No worries, but don't worry fellas, I'm pretty switched on (some of the time anyway)
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    wonder how the owner stayed 70yo for 12 years. anyway the car looks mint considering the 300k kms... the price is pretty crazy really if you think about it, 12k could get you a mint e46 330 or a pretty decent 325i e90
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    Good to see you guys think I'm stupid. The car was jacked up with wheels hanging freely. Hence why I used a hoist which could accommodate. Now, since I'm not stupid, back on track gents?
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    Looks mint and pretty original minus the steering wheel. Hopefully, it goes to a forum member and not to the 'dapper' crowd.
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    Front right turn indicator/clear - Bosch #63136902770 used/good condition w/ bulb $15 shipped Low beam cover caps - OEM #63126946039 used/good condition $20 shipped Upper Seat Belt - Front Left & Right w/ Force Limiter #72117009857 #72117009858 used/good condition $50 shipped Fuel filler cap - OEM #16117193372 brand-new item / fits a multitude of BMW Fuel filler cap - Genuine Blau #16117222391 brand-new item / Fits a multitude of BMW $15 shipped/ each
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    I also battled with seatbelts as I installed my rear seats... got there in the end.
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    Put a new set of wheels on today . 20 inch Niche Milan 2 . Supplied and fitted by Mag and Turbo.
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    Its not unheard of for older evos to have fibrerglass kits on them as the original bodywork has been obsolete for a while and was horrendously expensive. Yes, the area around the chassis stamp is usually a bit haggard, not sure why. Some of them even have a weird stripe of orange paint over the chassis plate too. The lack of bracing is what would make me think maybe the shell isnt an original Evo shell. Its an old car, most of them will have crap, cheap mods done to them and most have had a real hard life. At the end of the day, if he didnt pay too much for it, the running gear is all evo, he enjoys it and whats been done to it, the difference from a GSR shell to an EVO shell is piss all and can be fixed with some 3 point braces and things. I wouldnt worry too much.
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    Quick update... New 17x8.5 wheels with Falken ZE912's..will get a decent pic of them all on when it comes out of the garage next. Caved and bought a b25 so have been busy stripping, cleaning, and putting that back together. It was out of a Motronic 1.0 car which wasn't going to work (easily) with my facelift shell and my gearbox was also lacking the required mounting points for the crank sensors so I've put all my 1.3 bits on and bought a 173 computer to use in the mean time until the turbo goes on. Supposedly the 1.3 sensor will work fine with a megasquirt - bonus. Replaced the water pump, belts, thermostat, gaskets etc while it was all off. Almost there now and looks pretty good I think. Just have to get some new injector seals and hook the loom back up. Also got some M22 to AN adapters so I can hook up my Fenix oil cooler to the factory connections with some sweet shiny braided line because it looks cool. What else.....Cleaned and painted my intake manifold and rocker cover with some excellent high temp paint. Came up amazing and has a very hard finish. Couldn't get the metal emblem on the top to look any good though so eventually I got sick of looking at it and dremelled it out. It now has the steering wheel emblem from the donor car embedded in it. Looks amazing but will be interesting to see how long it lasts. Apologies for the crap photos. Most were taken in the garage around dusk and the lighting was ^&%#.
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    Has been a little slow progress lately as have been working out the fiddly parts of the build plus finding the time at the moment. Have finally finished building & installing the new manifolds (still need a slight bit of modifying) Bolted everything together gearbox, driveshaft, all suspension components to measure up all clearances and build the exhaust with out interference. So happy that the time spent measuring and checking heights that everything lined up perfectly and i dont have to go back and re-do things. Fitted new SRS concept offset solid control arm bushes for more clearance. Very nice product. Had another nice headache of the build turn up in the last few days, a nice DINAN lightweight dual mass flywheel. I decided to stick with the dual mass as i wasnt 100% sure on a solid flywheel and and a few people mentioned best to stick with the dual mass setup, it is also running a Sach's M5 performance clutch kit so will hold nicely but give a nice drive as well. I just need to reset the self adjusting pressure plate. And i have finally began the process of refinishing my wheels, have been stripped and sanded and cleaned and are currently at the painters. Have ordered new bolts from america and working on correct specifications/sizes of the lips to order.
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    If they are reading it from the BMW WDS and know what theyre looking at they shouldnt be cuttng the wrong wires. The colour codes on the wires are abbreviated German. Do you have your VIN number handy (will be a long number stamped into your front strut tower).. will have a look
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