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    Cars still running strong. I think this is now the longest period of time it's run with no issues since I bought it. Two Delphi coils came in today, will be going into the car on the weekend along with the others provided by @Jacko. It still has original coils so fresh set will be more peace of mind. Have also been for an alignment, used the sheet in the other 130i thread as a guide so it's slightly pointer than standard. Feels really nice. At the same time did a paint touch up and sand on all wheels. They're looking much better with no visible stone chips now. Average pic below but this wheel had curbing(my fault) and stone chips previous. Will do a further sand and paint in a couple weeks to get them even better now that we know the paint match is good. Plus will hopefully be fitting my supersprint back box on at the same time. Also tested the brake fluid while waiting and found its bad so will change that. Next up is a new wof, hopefully that shouldn't be an issue.
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    New windscreen cowl and replaced the windscreen seal with a new gen bmw one. Wipers got some paint too.
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    *cough*... Takes one to know one, right? ?
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    https://www.wallothnesch.com/motorteile-kuehlung/bmw-518-m535i-m5-e28.html went for the new part from these guys. small business easy to deal with via email. shipped immediately, used Pay Pal. should be here In 3 weeks.
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    To be truly classed as a nutcase (which I'm sure you actually already are), you'd need to take to the inside of the pipe with some wet n dry...
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    No tape deck either... bastards.
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    If that's your version of drugs, then what ever tickles your fancy ?
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    That was the one off Facebook, he put it on trademe after all the comments calling out the front bumper lol
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    Hi All, In lower north island. Looking for an M30 engine pref E32 (To fit in my E28 with modified mounts as last engine i got was E32 and not quite sure an E28 mount will fit my plumbing through there anymore as engine) - Will considered engine with forged internals (but do prefer to build mine, just need a working test bench) Also after an SC12-14 or Eaton M45 Supercharger but will consider other options (For non BMW project but never know if neighbor would sell me his 2000 body) Thanks
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    Yeah the 5 speeds in the Cooper and One are apparently weak. Mine was fine in my old Cooper, and it was a damn fun car to drive, but the Cooper S just has that extra bump in power, and the Getrag 6 speed box is pretty decent.
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    Engine mounts ✅ Front part of the exhausts ✅ Gearbox Mount ✅ looking like it’s meant to be in there done ✅ Trying to get this thing in and running in a month, whilst we await having a turbo capable engine built, we have decided to slap her in NA for the time being!
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    Take into Jon at Auto38 in Wellington and get it scanned properly
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    I'll let that out when it's in the car and proven
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    FCP euro. They have a few different kits for the job. I’d recommend doing the oil separator while you are in there too.
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    i will hold them for you, Jon
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    Kind of glad you decided to keep it. I could see it heading down a dark path to destruction if it sold to the wrong hands.
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    228,XXXkm A few things have happened. Having come so far I decided I didn't want to let the car go for less than my 7K asking price and have set about spending the money to try and get rid of the shimmy/seat vibration...which will mean I'm going to keep the car for a bit longer. Jon at Auto38 diagnosed some play in the steering box and some in the rear end. He swapped the original steering box back in which has really tightened up the front end and got rid of a weird knock at the 45 degrees mark, however the shimmy still remains. In the meantime an OEM muffler came up on FB marketplace. $60 and 2 blocks from my house. This got installed by Midas (125 + gst if anyones interested) today. Feels like a new car, so quiet and no annoying drone at 2000rpm. It didnt drone on the motorway but round town getting up to 50km it was abit annoying. The tip looks alot nicer too than the rusty pipe. Suspension parts have arrived from FCP and will be going in next week.
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    Hey Team Long time since last post, got heaps done since the lock down, also with other small little projects going on too. But finally got the custom radiator bracket made, all plump in. I had to customize the AFM sensor to have a little bung to feed air to the ICV i tried to do a ICV delete but it ran like rubbish. Also put a DME with a custom tune for a m62b44 non vanos that i had spare into the car which works perfectly with the m60b44 motor currently in there. So car is running good now and drives as it should, the intention was to enter it into at least one drift day, but since hearing there have been a few rule changes which requires drives to wear/have more safty gear which i agree with, but is just going to cost way too much to justify one drift session, so that wont be happening now. But i found a lovely Estoril blue e46 msport sedan with a blown auto, my intentions was to change the auto out and flick it off but its just too good of a car to get rid of. So change of plans im stripping all the running gear from the wagon and putting it all into the sedan now. But will be making a few changes like using a 320z zf 5 speed box with a v8 bellhousing, so gone with the adpater plate also the detents needed changing in the diesel box. I will be getting a full face clutch plate made as the puck is just a tad rough for driving, and to fix some small oil leaks in the braided lines from the dry sump. Bonus too that the sedan is a 2002 where the wagon is a 1999 so finally get the yearly wofs. Fun times ahead.
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    Update... The E46 has left home with my eldest lad who is of course now in the military! Our Mazda's leak was the repaired trans seal not being in place properly - Driscolls re-seated it and all good F30 was brilliant on the winter run to Castlepoint - just love the turbo 6!!! Finally got around to cleaning it today... Jon at Auto38 is making great progress on the M5 and I look forward to having it back soon... "it's an awesome engine to work on! Thoroughly enjoying it!" I've just ordered some extra bits from TurnerMotorsport - both accessory belt tensioner pulleys and belt, a new bonnet badge with grommets and a set of 10 NGK plugs. The old vanos line wasn't holding pressure - so the new one should make a decent difference new bearings are in and clearances are spot on (phew)
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    I think I'd rather have this knowing there's no DPF to crap out and sink 10k worth of drugs and hookers https://www.trademe.co.nz/2688327652
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    Took it up to Auckland for Xmas and then over to Raglan for New Years and then back to Welly. Didn't miss a beat and got to stretch it’s legs. Stopped in and met @Lucan and picked up the roof racks he was selling a while back. Back down to Welly and gave the new snow foam lance a go Thought it was a gimmick but it's really good. At 208,000km I have just replaced: - Timing chain guides - Timing chain - Oil seperator (returned to OEM setup as PO had installed a catch can system) - Vanos Seals - Valley Pan - CCV - Water Pump - Thermostat - Coolant temp sensor - Engine mounts - Upper oil pan gasket - Lower oil pan gasket - Crank seal - Fuel Filter - Oil Filter - BMW coolant Thanks @Etwenty1 for hiring out his timing tool. Now that this is all done I will hopefully make it to the next Wellington Club meet. This ended up being a lot more time consuming than I thought and ended up having the car off the road for the last 7 weeks using spare hours here and there to get it done, learnt a lot and had to ask lots of questions from more mechanically minded mates but got there in the end. Here’s a few pics from my journey. I don't think I actually took a finished engine bay photo...but you get the idea. I do really regret not painting the rocker covers but I was pretty over it being in bits at this point...
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