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    Thanks to those all that posted comments. I was thinking that few were going to be ballsy enough to put a price on it and it's great to get plenty of constructive feedback. I'll be listing it today, and not be greedy (imo) about it, at below valuation leaving some in it for the next owner (hopefully a forum member). Being a child of the 60's with my car consciousness developing from the 70's I like to follow sales of the cars from that era onwards and continues to surprise me the prices these cars are fetching\asking. However, at the end of the day I'm not in it for just the money, although it allows me to feed my obsession and buy the next icon, as I just like working on them too hence keeping the E30 (for now at least ).
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    Yeah sorry got mixed up. Personally i don't see that much more added value in a short period even though you've done good work on it. Id have see multiple good examples ones actually sell for 30k+ to acknowledge that is where the current market has priced them.
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    Dumped $700 on batteries, both 130 and 330 batteries decided to sh*t emselves in same week... I blame Jacinda.
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    If you can sell it for 38k then congrats. Robs old one is listed 25k. 4 door but seems realistically priced.
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    Appraisal arrived BMW E36 M3 Appraisal 160920.pdf
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    Could be one needed... NZ roads are slowly claiming another victim. Not urgent - yet... But a cross-shaped crack has appeared just out of the area swept by the wiper blades. And there are numerous other pock marks, tiny chips, and so on. So... Where to get a replacement screen? Let's start by not going to Smith & Smith or Novus for one of their soft-glass Chinese screens, as recommended by insurance. We want a *proper* screen. Side windows are original BMW Armorplate. The windscreen is BMW Shatterprufe. Both are indicative of the cars heritage, coming from South Africa - I think German-made BMWs would have had Sekurit glass. What are the options? Talk to BMW NZ? Talk to BMW ZA? Or is there a NZ-based supplier who supplies good windscreens (but who is probably ignored by most insurance companies)?
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    Yep, that's a dodgy copy and paste error that I'd want corrected @Secniv, they should accommodate that request without concern I'd think.
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    To quote a good friend of mine : 'this scares the F-------g bejesus out of me!!" Apologies in advance for the critcal commentary following. The vehicle in question is a 1600kg luxo- barge on 15x7 wheels now fitted with 225/60/ 15 tyres and some of the decision making was based on the original spec for the car that is 40 years old and tyres and expectations have moved on ( see earlier reference) . The average 1200kg car will run 91 load rated tyres today: At the start of the E36's life the spec was 91 m by the end it was 94/95 Similarly for the E39 they started on 94/95 and ended up on 97/98's The 500Se is about the same weight as a mid-range E39 so logic would suggest that a sensible metric is a correctly sized tyre with a 97 load rating , then we have a 225 on a skiny rim - had this scenario on with 225's a Saab , best thing I did was get a set of wider 7.5 inch rims (P.S Saab spec'd 95 load rated tyres because it was 1500kg) . The Falken tyres in question are a good tyre and I've had the suitably load rated version on my X5 so first hand experience. I'd suggest the real reasons the 500SE doesn't feel that good on them are: the tyre is way too soft to cope with the mass and secondly the chassis dynamics (understeer/ oversteer flip flop)of the 500SE-- 91 load rating is just not cut out for this - they will be squirming and being beaten into submission relentlessly, the wider section on the narrow rim will be either rolling around like a stuck pig if correctly inflated or behaving like a tyre half the width, if inflated to cope with the weight because the tread will be blown out like a balloon. Sorry but this just a bad outcome to a sorry saga.
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    can't wait to get them on the daily, cheers man
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    Now in E91 330 as well, the E87 versions fascia is a better design than E91s.. all the heated seats etc all work through the headunit though which is trick. This is the same basic hardware as my E87 one, but is on android 10. Also sounds 100000% better than the stock business stereo, the stronger built in amp makes a huge difference to the subs output.
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    Why does the appraisal reference GBB730, that white 3.0?
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    damn, that is a great appraisal for $250. very well done indeed edit: now the 38k doesnt seem so crazy does it
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    Had a productive day on Mini Me, replaced front sway bar bushes & drop links, replaced engine & gearbox mounts Will replace front bottom arm rear bushes, lollipops
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    Hi Guys, After a M50b25 inlet manifold to swap onto my M52b28 to get it running. If anyone has one or the whole kit id be keen on it, P.S i have done the research on the loss of torque etc, Thanks Cam
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    We've gone from 3 petrols & a diesel to 3 diesels & a petrol over the last 5 years , a short trip is 40 k and an average week is 300k times 2 (vehicles) Servicing costs are about the same, discounting the obvious extra cost associated with running a 4WD system and the scale of the vehicle.
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    @3pedals - thanks for the diesel v petrol comparison, very helpful. Serious question, when regular servicing Is factored are diesels still more cost effective than petrol? How about maintenance (i presume this would be similar/same between the two)? I have been contemplating a diesel but have been a bit reluctant to jump in so insights are welcome OP - having previously owned a manual petrol X3 2.5l for 3 years (which was a fantastic combo and wagon) i highly recommend them. Good practicality, visibility and did long distance travel well. Not as practical as my holden wagon but not much is these days ? (sorry couldn’t help myself and had to put that in). Only issue i had was a failed plastic actuator as discussed. Replace the cog and all was good from then on
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    Ive gotta ask, but why would you buy that f**k ugly thing over an E91 wagon or the likes?
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    I have offered him 18k he asked for my number but so far no reply.
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    Hi. So i did it NOS 100 shot. No issues yet??? Goes like stink, a bit scary actually. Run 1 full bottle so far .All good.
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    Hi all. I've been a Bimmersport member for a while but until now I've kept my head down learning a lot from the posts of knowledgeable forum members. I have an e46 330i and a 2005 X3, and now a 130i as I bought Baby Blue off Dave. Be assured Dave that she will continue to receive love and attention and only be fed 98! She drives better than she looks as she has a few blemishes but nevertheless I've given her a wash and polish this weekend to make her look her best.
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    Been doing a bit more digging and the e30 question seems to come down to how often you fill your car up. Appears that ethanol fuels don't like sitting around in the tank for long periods, especially in cooler/damper climates such as here in Wellington. Other than that I can't find any hard evidence that running a tank of e30 through a stock n54 335i (with an appropriate tune) does any measurable harm. So, while I like the idea of trying an e30 mix just for giggles, my car does not get a lot of use and it can take months to use up a full tank. And apart from the occasional short sprint event there is not much opportunity to safely unleash the full performance of the car even as it stands. Leaving aside the obvious suggestion of using the car a lot more often, I am forced to the conclusion that e30 must stay on my automotive bucket list for a bit longer. On the other hand, I see no real disadvantage to installing downpipes Cheers...
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    Hate to rain on the parade but that's their perpetual sale, they just rename it from time-to-time. When they don't have the sale the "normal" prices are close the the 40% off deal. It's totally illegal but any complaints are just likely to lead to higher prices. I've had 4 x tyres in my basket there since Feb and the name of the sale changes but the price never does.
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