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    After years of lusting after an e36 vert i finally managed convince myself now is the time, i would have loved an M3 but the pocket book didnt stretch that far and to be honest i would get myself in trouble...again. I did however manage to grab a 1996 328 Manual...for 10x less than the specific M3 i have had my eye on for a long time 😂. Its spent its entire life with a surgeon and the while the km’s read 277,000 - yes thats 277k - the service book shows servicing every 15k by Jerry Clayton. Its got 24 years of touch ups to do but the base is great. Flew up to Auckland on Sunday and drove the entire trip back to New Plymouth with the top down. It was one of those trips you will always remember. Looking for a few items now but will post that in market place. Cheers.
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    Its not too tidy, needs paint work in places but the body was solid. Also, it is just a 316i at the end of the day. I thought it was a fair price and I'm happy with it.
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    I just tried that Dan and it came up with an old photo of you
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    Ah seems like the kinda guy that revives 10 year old for sale posts 🤦
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    This was mine. Sold in 15 minutes of listing it. The guy is flying down today from yes, you've guessed it, Auckland. Maybe I sold it too cheap. Factory manual, new clutch, Fresh LSD, full black leather and flew through a VTNZ wof the day before.
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    Just use an M54B30. Similar power, near plug n play and 1/3 the price.
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    A perfect scenario here, willing seller, finds willing buyer. Well done both😀
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    Thanks Richard, im really happy i finally pulled the trigger.
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    great score, Lee!
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    Yeah factory/dealer option Aero spoiler, Maxton lip sits on it - https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/body-kits/bmw/bmw-1-series/BMW-1-SERIES-E87/E87-1SERIES-FACELIFT/spoiler-cap-bmw-1-e81-e87 I think im going to think of a mechanical option to attach the Aero spoiler before installing the lip, better than the factory double sided tape. Im sick of retaping the edges down, Ive retaped and glued it twice now and edges keep lifting. A stealth self taper/pop rivet in each corner from the underside would solve it for good, with some rust protection.
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    Thank you heaps for your help i will try that website..fingers crossed ☺
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    Hi Rob.. From the Russian Federation off ebay and another from Latvia.... delivery between Jan 5th and April 11th LOL. Although Latvia one may be here sooner. I'm getting a used one off Kerry tomorrow, at some stage in the future I'll have a spare refurbished one. Yes I'm aware of the drilling method so may try that if I build up the courage again. Apparently melt the white frame with a soldering iron in the right spots first, then drill through to the screw head underneath. I thought I'd got there when I finally got the back off (around the connectors) but was stopped by the tight AF needles...
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    Just purchased the MHD adapter so once it arrives I'll have a look. Cheers
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    Here's a great video on pixel repair - skip to 9:31 using a different method - no need to remove the needles, but you need to drill out a few rivets/screws I think.... Saw your thread about heater valve, mine has also just started to leak, where did your source the rebuild kit from?
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    The long I look the worse it gets. I just noticed his forehead says BMW, and I suspect his lip may say 2002ti? I suspect he may have mental illness.
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    How long before the BMW legal team are on to this ....;)
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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/316i/listing/2891654030 shouldn't last long...
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