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    One for the car guys... InWBeS5.mp4
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    I love that the bumper is damaged, badge needs to be replaced and the TOW HOOK IS STILL THERE!!! What an absolute joke.
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    The anti-Sreten from M539 restorations 🤨
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    I wasnt wrong...
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    Give me some of your motivation Sam 😅 I reckon put the badges on. Doesn't look too much at all!
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    That bumper damage is the only thing triggering me. Can't complain though at that price. Q&A made me chuckle... Q: Does this have reversing camera and Bluetooth, thanks. A: Has mirrors and an AUX input
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    Just spotted this on Facebook Market Place. $8.8K for an E31 850i. Seems like a pretty good deal if there isn't too much wrong with it. Cosmetically it looks pretty good at least! According to the description it needs some fuel pump related work to run and a leaky valley cover gasket needs to be replaced. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/153592866976059
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    This is so true. I worked at Sky at the time everyone was bitching and moaning about their monopoly, we knew exactly what would happen with market fragmentation, the total cost to the consumer goes up. FWIW you no longer need Spark Sport in NZ for F1, F1TV Pro is available here for NZ$100 a season and it's better than the Spark option (multiple cameras, commentary choice, data feeds etc). For some bizarre reason the Android/Google TV app isn't available here so you need to either cast from mobile or sideload the TV app (which is what I've done).
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    Those wheels are absolutely 💩 too...get in the bin
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    Assuming you didn't buy from a dealer? That last vid: It still winds with no real compression spikes intially (like the plugs are out, or the valves aren't closing, soz!), then sounds not regular enough for a 4 cylinder cranking at that speed. 250 rpm should kind kind of enthusiastic. can you check the timing via the hole from the cam sensor and the crank mark? I still reckon a compression issue: head gasket massively blown, bent valves or a valve train issue like a slipped chain or cam pulley. Timing off may explain the camshaft code too, because the DME may not be seeing the signal within the required window of crank sensor signals, so treats it as implausible. Pretty sure you'll be taking the rocker cover off at least ☹️ I'd be a little concerned about additional damage if it did start...
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    Didn't bother fixing crooked rear number plate....grrrrr
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    wow a unicorn. I looked for a manual n55 for quite a while before getting the DCT. Was a die hard manual fan at the time coming from owning lots of Jap performance cars but the DCT converted me. had it 3 years with zero issues too which was a bonus
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    Saw that lol, didn't even do both pumps. What a quality effort!! 🤣
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    @Glacial Pace you may have already seen but an N55 manual… not cheap though https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3641974910.htm
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    Guy had the fuel pump replaced and one bushing 😂 #winning
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    Made me chuckle too, I'm pretty sure I got the very first of the E87 android headunits in my car. Manufacturer wanted to send me a reversing camera add on for free if I made a video about it, reply was its a hatchback and my man card would be put in jeopardy.
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    Hammerite. My Daihatsu Rocky was quite bad. I painted pretty much the entire floor of the vehicle with it. It's since seen much off roading, beaches, and submersion in rivers with no further rust or issues. Got it from Mitre 10 when I had no other options. Used a brush to paint it on. Went in quite thick and there are minimal brush marks.
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    Just got done with the wrenching marathon that was changing the oil pan gasket and some other bits on the daily. What an absolute PITA of a job! Kicked it off Sunday morning, finished 1am that day, continued Monday after work until finally having her back on her wheels at 3am... Even with the subframe dropped down, so little space with all the power steering and trans cooler lines in the way. Quite a few hiccups along the way. The most annoying one being getting the dipstick back in. Cleaned up the oil pan, got the new gasket on, RTV'd the joins on the underside, struggled wiggling the pan in place, started it on a few bolts and then spent half an hour trying to get the right angle for the dipstick to slide into the oil pan with no luck, just too much crap in the way on top. Ended up giving up and dropping the sump back down, cleaning everything up and starting over with the dipstick in place. Bloody frustrating game of tetris. Also changed out the valve cover gasket, oil filter housing gasket, engine mounts and alternator. Probably spent half the time cleaning up all the oil that had caked everything up. Not a perfect job but near impossible to get to everything without taking off the intake, which would have gone well beyond the scope of this mission. After a good 4 hours sleep, set off for work in the morning. Car started up fine but got the ABS and brake lights go off on the dash, as they sometimes do with the wheels off the ground for a while. Drove out onto the street, parked up and tried turning the car off and on only for it not to start again... Flat battery. Ran back home to grab the spare, got her running but from the voltage saw that the alternator wasn't kicking in. Figured the new one must have been faulty. Dammit. Pulled into the driveway and started pulling the intake back apart to put the old noisy one back in, only to discover I'd forgotten to plug the alternator cable back in... Classic 3am brain fog. Hopelessly late, finally set off for work only to hear a clunking noise coming from the front. It then hit me I'd also forgotten to tighten the wheel nuts after I'd dropped the car down from the jack stands... Bloody hell After catching up on lost sleep, tidied up some of the loose ends today so hopefully that's the end of my oil leak dramas for a wee while at least. Thank f**k that's over and done with.
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    This will be available soon. 2010 N54 Manual 135 Have M Performance Exhaust , OS Giken LSD , Downpipes ,Charge Pipe Intercooler etc plus M3 Seats and M3 Instrument cluster retrofit available as extra options.
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    Interior refurb is about to kick off with Fabric being ordered today. Flip flopped to using the original OEM Lemans BMW Anthracite Uberkaro as ended up being cheaper (and faster) than an Internationally sourced reproduction fabric, plus they have the matching bolster fabric too. Will be doing door cards and front and rear headrests in Uberkaro as well so will be a lot of plaid! Should kick off next week. I have some of these Mtechnic seat badges en route as well but wondering if it will be a bit overkill with the pattern?
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    Lots of nice N55 DCTs, which could be a good trade off between Auto/Manual? Have had an N55 for 4+ years now and only had basic maintenance required. The market is flooding at the moment due to increasing interest rates/increased cost of living, so you may be able to talk people down. It's certainly much harder to ask top dollar when there's 3+ more of the same car at the same price. Earlier in the year there were hardly any Maserati GTs for sale and no 4.7s below $65k. Now there's heaps and a few below $65k.
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    Owned an n54 (e92) for 5 years/50km (still in the family and running perfectly). Not one fault in my ownership. Was my daily and I absolutely loved it. I’ve also had a couple of BMW’s with the N52 3.0i motor. N52 is okay, but I got bored quickly and I definitely can’t get over the looks of the hatch. I tried both platforms when I was looking (135i and 335i) and felt the 335i was a little nicer to ride in. Both are great performers though. There’s lots you can read about online in terms of what goes wrong, but heaps of knowledge on how to remediate.
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    Unless it’s a race car with history, originality is key to the value of an E30 M3, and the RHD conversion is a big minus in terms of collectibility. The lack of originality with the conversion is compounded by the technical issues that balancerider mentioned above, with steering and engine performance plus weight balance all affected. As this was a USA spec car (no dogleg box another minus) the bumpers have been nodded or swapped plus lots of other changes. This guy has already pulled his ad from E30 Classifieds NZ because everyone was telling him he’s dreaming at $125k!
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    Such an insane buy for $8800 this car has real potential!!
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    Feedback, address verification, a disputes process and disabling of accounts. TM email confirming no response from seller was also helpful in bringing a prosecution and they passed bank details to the police to allow the person to be located.
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    Zero safeguards. Never transfer any $ to someone you don't personally know. However, 'normal' legislation around private buying should apply.
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    New Exide Extreme. 750 CCA, 80ah. 14 degrees outside. Ive checked the injectors are getting a signal. Back to the drawing board 😓 20220616_133431.mp4 I got the fault codes below after connecting the battery and firing up ISTA. Weirdly, the 4 bottom codes look to have come up 2kms before it's final rest. The car is currently at 169,178kms and hasn't driven since the start of this saga. I cleared them, disconnected ISTA, ignition off, attempted start of the car, connected ISTA, no fault codes showing now. But still, no start. I'm getting the exclamation mark and CEL when I press the ignition, but no fault codes on ISTA or the OBC (after I cleared them the first time). That throttle body fault is bugging me. I ran through the ISTA diagnostics for it though and it all checked out OK. So maybe it's a battery disconnect/connect thing that upsets it? Unsure where to go from here. Compression check and timing? Biggish jobs with having to remove the injectors and the valve cover (after removing all the stuff on top).
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